The problem with implanting music and songs by people claiming to be Christian, or trying to give glory to God, is that by doing so a person can be accused of being ecumenically united with, and agreeing with, everything the singers do, say and think. They will have their own personal Day of Judgement, I am putting songs, hymns, choruses etc here without claiming to have the same identical doctrines as the composers or singers posted. They are there because they all claim to be Christians, or have written or performed music or songs "they say" gives glory to God, or perhaps are simply linked to the Christian Faith in some way. For their own definitions of what is or is not Christian I will let them stand before God. In the same way you can make your own decisions about those singers and composers you wish to justify, forgive, agree with, disagree with, suspect, extol, or decline. It's up to you. Should I refuse to post music by the great composers G.F. Handel or J.S, Bach, because Bach may have been a Lutheran who justified consubstantiation, or G.F. Handel challemged someone to a dual? I have heard some singers may be involved in, or have become apostates into,  a new religion called Chrislam, which in effect is neither Christian nor Islamic, but I have not confirmed it. If so should I remove them from the site? I certainly would not think anyone involved in Chrislam is either Christian or saved. If I am required to investigate the beliefs, doctrines, thoughts, practices and lives of anyone and everyone I post singing songs, in order to make sure they are an example of a "model Christian" I am not sure I could post a single song, not just because everyone fails God in some way or another, but because it is an impossible task to perform even for one person, and I dont believe God has called me to do that anyway. I do not throw away the bible because both David and Solomon sinned. The thing is I am confident about David being saved, as his definite repentance is recorded, whereas the definite repentance of Solomon is not recorded. This then is a section of songs where people claim to be Christian, or give God glory, or perhaps are worldly people singing a Christian style song of some note. Should I miss out Robson and Jerome singing "I Believe" because, for all I know, they may both be atheists, or miss out Frankie Laine singing it because I don't even know if he was a Christian, in Judaism, or whatever? In the end its an interesting selection of songs with links to the Christian Faith, sung, written or performed by people who may or may not be Christian. You decide. That way you are in control of your own destiny in Christ.  Try not to be too legalistic or "heavy" about everything in life, or you will finish up never listening to the radio because you don't agree with everything said on it.


I find this subject of "ecumenical" style unity very difficult, or giving the impression of it. I do not feel I can post songs by one famous Christian singer who has openly said she is "gay" for instance.