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Hebrew Roots and Messianic Judaism are those who Judaize Christian beliefs by denying the existence of “the new and better covenant” and “the Law of Jesus”, preferring to believe that the law of Moses is still here, and that the new covenant is really  “a renewed old covenant” despite the clearly anachronistic character of many of those old archaic laws. Messianic Jews and the Hebrew Roots Movement spend a considerable amount of their time bitterly criticising Christians, when the word Christian is in the bible, and the words Messianic and Judaism are not, and the Christians have proven themselves to be the main friends of Israel! The word Christian means “a follower of Christ” and Jesus said “follow me” many times (not follow Moses), but Messianics avoid calling themselves Christians, preferring the word Judaism above Christian and avoiding any word from the Greek language.


The Orthodox Jews believe in Semikhah, excusing themselves from carrying out the very violent punishments of the old testament law, by saying that Moses passed on the authority to make such judgements to Joshua by the laying-on of hands, and as this “chain of authority” was at some point broken the “power” no longer applies. In a similar way Messianic Jews seek to absolve themselves from practicing their own beliefs, but by more various less distinct excuses - and this allows them to dodge and hide from  the embarrassingly syncretic and contradictory character of their own hodgepodge of beliefs, in which Mosaic Law is incongruously melded with Christian doctrine, ignoring the obvious conclusion - that it is like trying to put “new wine into old bottles”. The result is their followers spend a lot of their time boasting about keeping feast days and the old testament sabbath day, lighting candles, avoiding “defiled” foods (that God himself has declared clean) and striving about the law, instead of preaching the gospel and teaching the Law of Jesus, preferring to sheep steal Christians into their various sects and extracting their tithe money and donations, as is specifically warned of in the bible (Titus 1:10-11). The keeping of days is nothing in comparison to the deeds of Matthew 25.


The tactics of the Messianic Jewish rabbis, website makers and video makers show an appalling lack of respect for the blood of the martyrs who died for the faith in the Reformation (a Reformation in which they played no part at all), recorded in books like Foxes Book of Martyrs and Martyrs Mirror . They want to try to undermine the beliefs of in the Spirit Christians, but they cannot, and so the preachers of this form of Judaism resort to the low life tactic of associating modern born again Christians with the history of Catholicism, stealing the contents of Hislop’s Two Babylons and then applying it to Christians and to Hislop himself, instead of the Catholics, and lumping people like Jack Chick, John Wesley, and the Christian martyrs burnt alive for the faith in with the Pope, a psychological ploy by Messianics that is akin to sheer treachery. It is as if they believe that Ann Askew, Joan Waste, Mrs Prest, William Tyndale, John Frith and John Rogers all died for nothing.


But perhaps what is even worse than that, is that they use the genuine heartfelt love most Christians have for Israel against them, by taking the staircase of symbols from the old testament God in his wisdom and kindness has designed and put there to bring people up out of Judaism into the Christian faith, to cynically march unwary souls downward and out of the Christian faith into captivity under outdated stringent law.  They also very often deny the Greek of the bible is inspired including the sacrosanct Book of Revelation, preferring to believe the lie that the Book of Revelation was written in Hebrew (to Greek speaking Turks).


Because their capacity to live in denial about the anachronistic character of the Old Law is more based upon personal whim than spiritual logic or revelation from God, there are many forms of Messianicism emerging, some believers among them being rightly disgusted by the more open teaching of such practices as polygamy, easy divorce, an erosion of women’s rights, the justification of capital punishment and war, etc, and these things are way too much like the Christless fossilised excesses of Sharia Law, but pharisaically they then rationalise away their own part in this, as they also try to raise from the dead the Mosaic Law, when our Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead to free us from it, as well as to secure our salvation.


Those who truly love Israel should not believe, preach or propagate The Fake Revival that the Law of Moses will bring blessings to Israel - because it will not. We no more have to obey the archaic  Laws of Moses than we are on Noah’s Ark. The Law of Jesus is here to stay, and the revival in Israel will only arrive through the Holy Spirit and the true gospel of Jesus unfettered by dead law. While Judaism and Messianic Judaism justify the Mosaic Law as here today, the bottom line horrible consequence is that the Muslims will say (and do say) that they not only believe those type of laws, but they put them into practice as well. What good will that do for Israel? As a whitewashed tomb is full of dead men’s bones and all uncleanness, the modern Pharisees of Messianic Judaism are full of the dead laws of Moses, instead of the new and better covenant and Law of Jesus. There is one Lord, one Faith, and one baptism. The Messianics are just another ism.


Peace be upon Israel, and the blessings of God. “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you,” Galatians 4:19.


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