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The early Christian acronym or acrostic is the same as the Evangelical Christian Gospel!!! And it proves that the early Christians who had to hid from murder were born again Christian, not Catholic or Orthodox !!!

I........... Jesus

CH....... Christ

TH....... God

U.......... Son

S.......... Saviour !!!!


It is Evangelical Christians and Protestants that accept Jesus as their SAVIOUR! The Orthodox Religion treats Jesus as a semi Saviour, and adds works salvation, and priest craft salvation (sacerdotalism) that is salvation via administration and continual acceptance of sacraments. Also the early believers NEVER formed armies to fight back, proving historically they were pacifists who denounced killing, UNLIKE the Catholics and the Orthodox believers, who to this day teach CONSTANTINE style killing in wars! This smashes their beliefs they are the early historical church, and their silly claims that monks were thrown in the arena to lions, and bishops dressed-up in babylonian hats and uniforms carrying icons (idols).

it also proves that early Christians did not call Jesus Yeshua or God Yahweh.



Jesus predicted there will be false Christs at the end of the age! Its in Matthew 24. Incredibly a NEW heresy is arising among sophists in the Greek / Russian Orthodox religion who try to squirm out of Christ as a Semi Saviour (sacerdotalist salvation by priests) by saying the priest BECOMES JESUS himself as he feeds people on Jesus body, and Jesus blood! This means they are making false Christs in order to try to HIDE the facts they have 3 SAVIOURS!!! Jesus, priests and their own works! The bible is CLEAR! Only JESUS SAVES! See the bible definition of the JESUS SAVES GOSPEL = 1 Cor 15:1-4, Luke 24:44-48 (thus - Jesus is the first to preach this gospel in its exact terms) and John 3:16, the simplified message about the new covenant form of salvation.