1) What nationality is the antichrist? or The Beast?


The answer I give to this I have not found on the internet, I only go by the bible and what I think God teaches me or leads me toward. I think the most likely answer to this question is that the antichrist or The Beast will be either an Italian or an Iraqi, and the reason is a follows:


"and his mouth as the mouth of a lion" Revelation 13:2. The overall Beast being described here is not a man, it is an Empire, but the reference to a mouth seems likely to be a symbol for a leader or speaker for this Empire. If this is so the symbolism pulled over from Daniel chapter 7, is that the Lion represents Babylon, which was situated as far as I understand in modern day Iraq. However in Revelation 17 we see that the spiritual powers that occupied ancient Babylon have apparently transmigrated across the Earth to Rome. This is seen perhaps in the fact that it is the Italians and the Roman Catholics that love idols, not the Muslim people of Iraq. Therefore I think the antichrist may be either a person from Iraq, or from Italy (citizenship), or alternatively with a bloodline from one of those two countries. However this is not a definite doctrine of mine. 


I think it is important that teachers of the bible make it clear when they have a definite teaching (a doctrine) and a persuasion, which is different. Some pastors and teachers are so proud they think they are supposed to have a definite answer for everything, and they never do.