Where cbn.com go wrong.



In the first 3 chapter of the Book of Revelation Jesus praised the churches when appropriate, not only criticized them.  And cbn.com do a lot of good things too, It is easy to criticise, but going under hot, bright TV studio lights all day, talking about a lot of issues, to keep us all interested, and not be expected to occasionally not phrase something with pin-point accuracy, is too much to humanly expect. 


Cbn.com do a great job of presenting news from around the world.....





Here are a list of some doctrinal differences between cbn.com and biblecool.com and consequently where cbn.com contradict all of my other websites:


5 subjects are:


1) WAR







1) WAR

CBN.COM  teach that Christians can justifiably kill in a war. On the contrary, Jesus taught "Love and Peace" not war, as if he taught war, the disciples would have fought the Romans and would have easily conquered them, as Gideon, Joshua, David, Jonathan and Samson killed their enemies before Jesus. Ironically, pursuing this so called "logic". having slaughtered the Romans in a Gideon style victory, the Christians would then (supposedly) have also fought a physical war against the Jews, who regarded Christians as heretics and killed them. No such wars or battles are recorded, as the teachings of Jesus are as utterly different from Moses about killing, as they are about eating pork, prawns and other once forbidden meats. 


BIBLECOOL.COM teaches that, in new covenant law, the teaching of Jesus is that killing in any war, no matter how just the cause of that war seems to be. is totally forbidden. Further that killing in a war, and also capital punishment, are now to be regarded as acts of murder, as they are forbidden, and as such killing in wars is one of "the works of the flesh" to which eternal damnation is promised. The teaching that Christians are allowed to kill in wars is therefore heresy, and, as this is the case, all such teachers are "in danger of hell fire" and therefore there is no promise of eternal salvation to such seriously false teachers. If God, by his grace, decides for some reason to have mercy on some people who teach that murder, war and killing are justified, all well and good, that power and ability belongs only to him, but such teachings of justifying (not just violence, but) killing, are exceptionally serious, as teachings that are false on the subject of murder and killing are always serious.





The heretical views of cbn.com about marriage and divorce can beseen here:



notice how "their" essay starts with "CBN.com – The Bible is explicit about divorce "...... but ends by saying "Is Cruelty Grounds for Divorce? It depends. I DO NOT THINK......."


The essay starts by saying cbn.com have these heretical teachings, THEN it descends into the personal pronoun of an individual heretic. So what is happening here? Who is this individual? As the essay is extremely and exceptionally lax in its teachings, in fact the teachings are as  lax as Henry VIIth !!!


CBN.COM heretically teach that divorce and remarriage is allowed for Christians, for reasons other than "fornication". This is because they have distorted the meaning of the word "porneia" (rendered correctly as "fornication" in the KJV bible) to mean or include "post marital adultery" and have even cited "disertion" as a cause for divorce and remarriage for believers. 


BIBLECOOL.COM teaches that it is in fact impossible for the word porneia (in the context of Matthew 5:32 and Matthew 19:9) to mean adultery. One solid reason is as follows. Jesus said in the 3 synoptic gospels "whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery."  The simple and obvious fact that modern teachers are missing, is that, there is only one way a person who has divorced for some trivial reason, and remarried, can be committing adultery, and that is if God sees the first marriage as intact 


1) despite all the divorce paperwork,

2) despite all the remarriage paperwork,

3) despite the first trivial reason for divorce

4) AND despite the ADULTERY he is now continuously committing (see Romans 7). Indeed the only way a woman can be called "an adulreress" in a second marriage (Rom 7) is if adultery does not break the marriage bond, in order for it to be called adultery in the first place, as only a person still married to their first spouse in God's eyes can be committing adultery.  


And therefore adultery is not, and CANNOT be a reason for Christians divorcing. In the new covenant marriage is for life! The alternative view, that the guilty party by remarriage, breaks the first bond, and so is just as able to remarry as the innocent party, is at a "Henry the VIIIth" level of laxity in teaching, and, unfortunately, cbn.com sound more like Henry VIIIth than Jesus in their teachings about marriage.


To be fair I have heard Pat Robertson clashing with others over this issue, where he sounded as if he understood this contradiction in theology, but if so, he ought to get his ship in order and eradicate the heresy of Christian to Christian divorce and remarriage from his cbn.com website. It is not, after all, his obscure and occasional comments on air, that is being published on his website for all to see, it is rather the HERESY that divorce and remarriage is licitly permissible in Christ.




CBN.COM make a strong stand to support Israel. Let me say from very the beginning that I recognize Israel as a nation. Even though the formation of Israel as a state and a nation is surrounded in controversy, so is the formation of the USA as a nation, and, in reverse, the actual people of Great Britain, perhaps especially England, are often descended in part from the various invading armies that conquered the land, as well as the indigenous people. Such things are therefore a broad and complex topic to discuss.

But I have never heard the actual government of Israel state that the right for Israel to be a nation, populated largely by Jews, is because of this or that old testament scripture. 

In Galatians chapter 4:21-31 (and Hebrews 11:14-16) a different view of Jerusalem is presented to believers, where the true spiritual believers (represented by Sarah) focus on the Jerusalem above, and it is those who are carnally minded (represented by Hagar) that concentrate on the physical city of Jerusalem, and by extrapolation defending it with war, killing, bombs, guns and violence. 

Without going into great detail here, the core centre of the Christian belief that Jesus forbad war, is that God will use government officials and the police and their ancient equivalent (Rom 13) to inwardly safeguard a nation against riotous behaviour, even though the majority of such people do not claim to be Christians. The context of this is that before the Noahic flood the world had descended into near anarchy in places (Genesis 6:13) and so God instituted governments instead. The part people seem to struggle with is, the idea God can use unsaved people to do his will in any way, shape or form, as he used Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh, and the Assyrian in Isaiah 10, to name but a few. In short, because God has called believers to love all men, including Jews and the State of Israel, that does not mean he expects us to justify killing. Israel is no exception to this rule. In short it does not suddenly become "holy" to kill to defend Israel, because of the past history of Israel as a nation in the old covenant. The fact is that to this day the Jews stubbornly resist accepting Jesus their own Messiah.

One has to question the common sense for Jews reacting to the persecution of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in World War II, to gather themselves together in the middle of about 10 Arab nations who have a history for despising them. Was that really such a good plan? Was it good long term planning? Is the plan of God, to focus on heavenly citizenship, more sensible? Be that as it may. Killing is still a sin in the new covenant, and the Holy Spirit of God wants there to be a world wide revival of "Love and Peace" and the rejection of war, murder and violence, but cbn.com are resisting this, not helping it, by presenting news coverage as if killing for Israel is some special exception to God's law.




CBN.COM are seen by many as unintentionally and inadvertantly radicalising Muslims, and because of this have been categorised by some as a "hate site". The way this happens is that cbn.com are very popular, reaching millions of people right across the whole planet, utilising TV, websites, phone and tablet applications,  and even radio propgrammes.  The message they teach about Islam (as far as I understand it) is that it is dangerously violent and warlike toward all people who are non Muslims, including communists, atheists, Christians, and all the other world religions, and even those who believe in capitalism and freedom of speech, given the cbn.com desire to "warn" everyone Islam as they see it is anti freedom of speech as well as anti infidel (or anti non Muslim).


cbn.com interview prominent Muslim radicals in order to "expose" their views, but some say this is allowing such men to "advertise" their views, more than it is "exposing" them, and that the general effect of this world wide free coverage is therefore unintentionally counterproductive and bad. The cbn intention to interview these Muslim radicals however, is not to expose them as radicals, but to convey a message that their radical beliefs are part and parcel of the "true vision" of what Islam "really" is.


The cbn.com view on these things seems to have a contradictory flaw, that is not a mere paradox, but a genuine contradiction. And that is, if the Muslim religion to them is a false religion, then its writings are not some "divine truth" in the opinion of cbn.com presenters. For this reason isn't it a good argument to say that what Islam "is" is what the majority of Muslims themselves say it is, or practice it as? What cbn.com seem to be defining it as, is "Islam is the most literal and violent innterpretation of the Koran, as practiced today by those usually called extermists."


The problem for cbn.com in this approach is their own duplicity, as they are continually fratinising with the Jews, Judaism and Israel, but never do they say about the old testament and the Law of Moses "Judaism is the most literal and violent innterpretation of the Law of Moses, as is practiced today by certain extermist Jewish cults." Rather they see Judaism as what is practiced by the majority of those in that religion today. So why is it any different with Islam?


It therefore seems much more sensible, in order to maintain world peace, for cbn.com to point out (in all fairness) what Islam could start practicing, if Islamist extremists have their way, but to point out that these views are not presently held by most people calling themselves Muslims.


It may seem at first as if cbn.com could not possibly defend themselves against such a criticism, and that "the point is proven". However...... this is not necessarily the case.


This is because cbn.com are pointing out another subtle and caustic problem, with which they try to refute what has just been written by me as "an over simplified and unjust criticism", and to their credit they are one of the few organisations in the world to point this out. And that is.....


The world population is becoming older, not just because of advances in medical science and the understanding of the importance of good diet and exercise. It is getting older because of the millions of babies being killed in abortion clinics. The killings of millions of young people can be seen (in real terms) as casualties in a hidden demographic crisis, where the Muslims are not killing off babies, but are instead having big families, thus increasing the numbers of Islamists in almost  every country.  


cbn.com might argue that their main objective is pointing out that, it is not only Muslim terrorists across the globe attacking small communities, or even whole countries and governements (such as the "Islamic State faction" in Iraq at the moment) that must be factored in to our assessment of the dangers of Islam to our society and values, but their more insidious and gradual population growth within western countries. If such huge numbers of people did become more radical in their views..... what then? If that happened, and a lot of social chaos of some kind insued, the slaughter of so many millions of babies in abortion clinics that partly led to the population growth of Islamists in our society, might almost be viewed as the casualties in some hidden demographic war between Islam and the west, hidden because the media never presented that perspective on things, and "war" because the Islamists would then be trying to take over the world with both combat troops, and some kind of activists or even sabateurs or gangs inside our society.


With such a scenario being all too possible, cbn.com might suggest that the criticism of their "whistleblower" activity is pedantic, and that they do not have a paranoid view of the future, rather their critics are being naively unaware, and unaware and naive about something that too them is obvious.


My view is that, to an extent, cbn.com are inadvertantly radicalising Muslims, but to what extent I am not sure. However I also believe cbn.com lead many Muslims to salvation, and toward salvation too, so how the percentage ratio works concerning the two influences I am not sure.


It is an extraordinarily deep complicaing factor, if President Obama says something that sounds more sensible, that is that huge numbers of Muslims are not as violent as they are being portrayed, and do not hate non Muslims, if, behind the scenes, he has a hidden agenda of helping the Muslims gain a stronger influence in western society, as some accuse him of, thus attacking our far different perspective on moral values (like the banning of both polygamy and the erosion of women's rights) and eventually our freedom. If true, that would be as big a betrayal to his own nation as Obama becoming President largely due to the affect on the American social conscious of Martin Luther King Junior, and then him supporting abortion. And abortion, remember, is partly what is causing the population growth of Muslims in western society.


THE BIBECOOL.COM stand on the ISLAM issue......

My criticism of cbn.com about Islam is not that cbn.com are too radical in their beliefs, but that they are not radical enough. Islam is to me not the true Faith and the way into a saved eternity, not because they believe in killing others for a more controversial and bigger multitude of reasons to cbn.com, Winston Churchill, President Roosevelt, or anyone else, it is because they believe in killing in wars at all (that aside from the very many other reasons, such as denying Jesus died on Calvary.)  


It is true to say that when I look at the reasons certain Muslims believe in killing, the list is longer and therefore more terrible, than those held by any cbn.com staff members. However while cbn.com promote the criticism that Islam is wrong because they have a longer list of those they believe in killing, and not that killing is always wrong in the first place, cbn.com is promoting a false view of the teachings of Jesus, and of what the true Faith really is. 


If you believe in war, you will probably have many questions that you believe render my view that killing is a sin impractical, such as "what about Hitler? do we just sit by and watch him take over the world?" and "if a gunman attacked a man and his family, should he not shoot back?". I will answer these questions indepth later on, in the meantime you might wish to study in-depth Isaiah 10, where God uses the unsaved as the rod of his anger, then he smites the Assyrians for saying they did this in their own power.  


One thing I will agree with cbn.com upon is this, that the danger to the freedoms and values western society holds and takes for granted is very dangerous and real, if politicians become complacent about the possibilities of what could happen, if the population of people professing some kind of commitment to Islam keeps growing at the rate it is now, partly due to the atrocity of abortion, especially given the fact that, as history proves, it only takes one charismatic leader or personality to influence people to do the wrong things. The issue has to be assessed, as to the percentage possibility of Muslims being the kind of people who might be open to such persuasions, whether at the moment they say they are particularly radical or not in their views, especially given the fact that the justification of polygamy, the mistreatment of women, and several other views they appear to almost universally hold, are to western society pretty radical in themselves. In fact I have been puzzled more than once, as to how it can even be legal, to actively teach others that polygamy is right, or that women are a kind of second class citizens. For this and many other reasons I do not think that any Shariah law courts should ever be allowed to be established in our society, as it will turn out to be the thin end of the wedge to eroding our values. Neither do I feel that any woman, any where, should live in any kind of fear whatsoever by exercising her personal freedom not to wear a veil on her face. And no one in our society should live in fear either, if they decide to no longer be a Muslim. 



After the controversial comments of the US President Barack Obama recently about the Crusades, cbn.com made news broadcasts with (as far as I saw) unrepudiated comments about the Crusades:


1) That the Crusades were waged by Christians.

2) That the Crusades were defensive wars against Muslim expansion.


Let us get this straight. Roman Catholics are not Christians, they believe Jesus is a Semi Saviour, not our Saviour, and as well as their "salvation by works" heresy, they add to this by the heresy of "sacerdotalism" or priestcraft salvation, where Catholic priests become directly involved in their salvation, a second form of salvation by works, with Catholics now having 3 saviours, Jesus, catholic priests and themselves.

The Catholics murdered real Christians, and here in England the Reformation began well before the time historically labelled as "The Reformation" with the persecution and burning alive, for instance, of the Lollards. 

BIBLECOOL.COM is not ecumenical, because its definition "promoting or relating to unity among the world's Christian Churches" is from the start built on the secular definition of both the words "Christian" and the word "church". cnb.com however seem to be using present Muslim expansion as the excuse for the ruse of uniting true Christian churches with the Popes, to present a "united front" against Muslim population increase in the west. This action by cbn.com is muddying the water about what the true gospel is.