Which is the Greatest Nation today?

                               And why?

The History of the world.


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Here I wish to discuss the history of the world, with reference to people, and nations used by God. Among the topics will be how Israel was chosen as a witness to the world, and was later replaced by the Greeks. Sadly both Israel and Greece have fallen into Apostasy, and so they were both replaced later by Great Britain and America as the great witnesses to the world, and how of these two, the bible says Great Britain is the greater witness. This history of the world then is as follows.









A massive percentage of Greek people living in Greece believe themselves to be Christians, but unfortunately hardly any of them are. When I went to Greece their clergy walked the streets everywhere, and had the appearance of Jewish rabbis. Their land is full of idols. When I discussed salvation with them over and over again I encountered a heresy I had never read in theology books. True almost all theology tomes (like the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church) inform you that the Greeks have the same heresy as the Popes, salvation plus works (reduicing Christ to a semi Saviour). But none seem to mention the excuse that the Greek clergy offer to their population about the massive number of clear scriptures saying that salvation is in Christ alone, in the GREEK so there is no disguising it, or saying something was lost in translation. What I repeatedly heard was the heresy that runs "Jesus died to save the apostles and that generation only by grace, after that generation salvation by works resumed."


This is a double heresy in Greece. First the gospel of salvation through Christ crucified, buried and resurrected is an everlasting gospel, and adding salvation by works leaves them with a half Saviour, and that does not save. Jesus did not only die to save that generation by grace, but all men throughout all centuries. But in fact in the old testament no one was saved by works. In the old covenant they were also saved by Faith in God "Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Galatians 3:6". Their attempts to obey the draconian and (now) anachronistic old law was then counted by God as the expression of that Faith, but it was the Faith God was pleased was, trusting in Him.

To give you an example of this, the Jews were required under the old covenant law of Moses to be cleaned of sin once a year in a sacrifice. If two people went through this sacrificial ceremony, one believing, and the other doing it simply to fit in so he can trade and do business with his fellow Jews, it is clear the second man would be damned though outwardly appearing to obey the old law. This is a simplistic example but it makes the point.

In the new and better covenant of Christ our works still express our Faith, but the law structure is not as slavish in nature.


The Greek orthodox bearded priests look almost identical to Jewish Pharisees in many respects. Satan has used the same formula of uniformed priests preaching salvation by works to destroy most Jews, the people of Russia, the people of Italy, and the people of Greece.


The Greeks need to remember what an astonishing blessing God has given to them. Forever the new testament about Jesus, every Book, is preserved in their language. It is clear God expected much from the Greek people. They are known for their intelligence throughout history world wide, but instead they have been captured under the spell of tradition. They need to break free into a giant blessing from God, but looking to The Word, the scriptures eternally written in their language, and get back on track as great evangelists by preaching the true Gospel of Christ crucified, buried and resurrected for salvation, that is Jesus Jesus Jesus, not works of the law, tradition and human pride. Let us pray that they do this.