Jesus and bible shares the good news of the gospel,

                             and defends the true bible and the Faith.


This website is made by Snowy, also known as Kenneth McDonald.


It is my belief that the church is largely in Apostasy. The reasons are that most churches are


1) Reading false bibles, written from the wrong Greek. These fake bibles miss out huge amounts of very important scriptures from the new testament, and change literally hundreds of bible verses very badly. 


2) Preach adultery, by changing the bible to allow divorce and remarriage for believers.


3) Justify murder, when the new covenant teachings of Jesus Christ bring new law, that totally forbids killing other people, in a war, by capital punishment, by abortion, euthanasia, or even to defend yourself. This site will totally explain this in detail, and will answer all the hard questions on the subject.


4) Preach false gospels, including 

a) The early rapture false gospel (that replaces 1 Cor 15:1-4 with Rev 14:6-7)

b) The "once saved always saved no matter what you do" antinomianist style false gospel.

c)  The false gospel that includes physical baptism as part of actual salvation (priestcraft) see 1 Cor 1:17

d) Incomplete gospels that miss out the resurrection of Jesus as part of actual salvation.


and many other false gospels that will be listed later.


4) Are ecumenical, that is unite with false churches as if they are all part of the "body of Christ" together.

5) Deny heresy as a threat to the soul

6) Incorrectable pastors, who put pride above purity, and refuse to change their beliefs because their image is more important to them than the truth is. They would rather drag everyone around them into Hell than do what Jesus said, "learn to be the servant of all" which requires them to have (as the hymn says) "a humble, thankful heart" which would make it easy for them to be corrected. This especially applies to Petecostal churches, where the pastor's kudos is not centred in the image of an easy to correct man of God's Word, who is the servant of all, but rather someone so "in the Spirit" he seems to thinks he is infallible, and anyone correcting him therefore "makes himself a prey" and will receive mud pies for his trouble, not thanks or gratitude.

7) Church leaders who love money.