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Not much is worse than a bad toothache. In the wilderness it is even worse. Yet isolated tribes and cultures across the globe have managed to live without modern dentistry, and people hundreds of years ago in the west. If your survival community has no dentist with you, here are some things you can put in your camp to help if you are planning ahead to have a hidden survival community avoiding the 666 mark.

1) Oil of Cloves:

This tastes terrible and care should be taken to apply it to an infected tooth with perhaps a cotton bud. It really works too. I have had toothache and after one application of oil of cloves it never occurred again for literally years.

2) Sensodyne Care and Protect Toothpaste:

Sensodyne have produced a number of these type of toothpastes. This toothpaste claims to fill-in the tiny holes in tooth enamel. When you brush my teeth with it you can hold it in your mouth for 5 minutes before rinsing, to prophylactically try to prevent tooth decay. It can also help to take away toothache when it happens. (I cannot tell if in the future some reason holding it in your mouth for a full 5 minutes or more is harmful).

3) Analgesia:

Paracetamol helps take away pain, and other proven safe drugs, and it can reduce high temperature. Ibuprofen is often best for toothache with some people as it reduces inflammation also. Ibuprofen use in people over 50 has been suggested to have bad effects. Be aware of this, but people take their own risks. I personally would use Ibuprofen for toothache or to reduce inflammation. Not all medical research turns out to apply to everyone taking a medicine.

4) Tooth extraction:

As a last resort a tooth can be pulled. This is a very dangerous thing to do, especially considering blood loss. The Amish and Mennonite communities usually have someone with the tools, study, and knack for extracting a tooth. It is a last resort type of thing to attempt. Having the right tools to help such a person do the job is a good idea. REMEMBER the scenario I am talking about here is when Christians are being hunted to be killed, hiding from the 666 System, so, this is a last resort scenario in a tough situation. 

5) Herbal Remedies:

I have no idea how well some of these more obscure remedies work.  

6) Commercial Temporary Fillings:

These are a controversial topic, and some dentists say they are more harmful than helpful. My own experience was I was fortunate and it helped. I was cut off from help with a toothache off the scale in the agony it produced. Just breathing and drawing air over the tooth hurt a great deal. I heated the temporary filling in hot water and applied it to the open tooth and the pain went almost immediately. So..... sometimes they work and can help.

7) Witch Doctors and Quack cures

and home cures and less common cures:

I heard some pretty terrible stories about witch doctor remedies (and the results of them) for toothache, and as you go down the scale of idiotic advice to quack cures. When a person has toothache a person can get so desperate they will try anything. I remember a story of an Indian man who tries to shoot his tooth out of his head with a revolver, but teeth are so rock hard ir bounced back into him. Don't get desperate. Try to use common sense. Someone might say things like "put a junior Aspirin right on top of it" etc etc. Things may have hidden dangers I do not know of, I am not a medic or a dentist, but try to be sensible about what you try if there is no immediate help or cure.

8) Good Dental Care:

of course brushing your teeth regularly, using mouthwash, and flossing will all help prevent needing to use these cures. There are various ideas for making "out back toothpaste" or "woodsman's toothpaste" such as using charcoal generated from your campfire, I have not researched enough to find the best ones. Flossing and rinsing can stop a toothache almost immediately that is produced in the gum by stuck food particles between your teeth like sheds of meat.


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