A Pentecostal Christian is defined on the Oxford English Dictionary as


"Pentecostal |pɛntɪˈkɒst(ə)l|


2 relating to or denoting any of a number of Christian movements emphasizing baptism in the Holy Spirit, evidenced by ‘speaking in tongues’, prophecy, healing, and exorcism.[with reference to the baptism in the Holy Spirit at the first Pentecost (Acts 2:9-11).]"



As I believe it is true that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation today, I wish first to begin when discussing churches with the Pentecostals, of which there are two types: put simply - bogus and real.


There are a staggeringly diverse number of Pentecostals. Some of these so called churches are, from the outset, so heretical they can be would discounted from the beginning as even being Christian, such as the Oneness Penecostals (Sabellianists), who are actually antichrists. Another example of people who are in a cult or sect from the outset, yet claiming they have the gifts of the Holy Spirit, are Roman Catholic Pentecostals. If a church is going to follow the heresies of Romanism, and the Popes (described here on this website in the "Cults & Sects" section) as far as I am concerned I would not heed one prophecy, or believe a single healing had taken place through such a clearly heretical ministry. This same thing applies to all the other cults and doctrinally caustic sects.

Before I proceed to look at more credible Pentecostals, I will add that many will say to you things like "I know one brother who is (say) a Catholic Pentecostal (or some such sect) who I believe loves the Lord and is saved". My answer to that is if someone is born again, it is a fruit of the born again experience to shake off and break free of heretical cults and sects, and if they have been born again therefore, let us see them move on in sactification and escape such an appearance of evil. Such questions are used often to escape the broader issue, by concentrating on one soul in order to make the situation emotive.



In general Pentecostal Christians, of the more credible kind, are of two kinds

1) Those who believe that all true believers get a "second blessing" and always speak in tongues,



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If you know the word of God well, when you enter into most so called Pentecostal churches, you are entering a dangerous place. Why? Very simple. The Pentecostals emphasize "walking in the Spirit". If you catch out  one of their bogus churches in a deadly heresy, like divorce and remarriage heresies (showing they therefore preach adultery) their dreamworld of being a cut above everyone else crumbles. Suddenly they find that that are proven not  to be "walking in the Spirit". If they were truly spiritual they would simply repent, and be corrected, but I am sad to tell you very few people in the world are capable of doing that immediately, they might only achieve it by a perhaps seven years route of social convolutions, denials and regurgitations of the subject etc.

If you put yourself in their position, if they are not going to repent, many of them feel there is only one route to take, is to mud sling at the peson who has embarrassed them. Such churches for instance are almost always up to their neck in the errors of modern bible versions like the NIV.  This decision to attack your character will be even worse if the particular Pentecostal church also preaches the heresy call "sinless perfection" which says that having been born of the Holy Spirit you cannot ever sin again. By proving the pastor heretical, you are therefore not only proving his claim to be "walking in the Spirit" was a fascard, you also (by their heretical perception of the "sinless perfection" heresy) just proved either:

1) Their pastor has never been born again


2) You uncovered yet another heresy, that of the said "sinless perfection" error.

This is doubly embarrassing for them.

So..... what should the pastor and church do? Repent? Yes. But most of them will prefer to attack you instead, to "prove" they are in fact the ones who are truly spiritual, not you. They will say things like "God has revealed to me you are not born again" or get nasty by saying things like "The Holy Spirit just showed me your heart is full of nasty wicked evil" or "The Holy Spirit just showed me you are a division causer, who delights in dividing the church of God!" etc etc etc. One could answer easily enough "God has just showed me you are throwing mud pies at me because you are too proud to admit you are wrong," but as you are not one of their spiritual social club, they wont be likely to heed the truth of your counter revelation.

The tragedy of all of this, is because of pure human pride some Pentecostal churches descend into becoming the enemies of the most spiritual people in their own town or city, re-inventing the concept of Titus 3:10 as, not one of false doctrine, but of "causing division" by believing the truth!!!  And they act as if teaching adultery, and committing it by multiple second marriages inside their assembly, is "no big deal" the "big deal" is to cause a division by standing against it. This in my opinion is the origin of the reinterpretation of Titus 1:10 in modern versions.

an example:

An example of Petecostal character assassination from my own life is as follows. I was in a church where for some unknown reason an elder had made an off piste out-of-the-ordinary decision to allow a black Pentecostal cult leader from Africa to preach in the church. I emphasize such decisions were not the norm for the church or I would not have attended it. The black cult leader then informed us that he was a Pentecostal miracle worker, who delivered people from demons of illness by (quite literally) pulling crocodiles out of their bodies back in Africa!!! Of course such a claim by him was entirely laughable. He showed us pictures where, by slight of hand like a magician, he was pulling small crocodiles out of people. Later I opposed what he had said, saying in England were were not going to be deceived by such obvious false miracles.

In the next church meeting I was speaking in tongues along with everyone else, and one of the cronies of the black African preacher was there. Apparently he said afterwards that when I was speaking in tongues I was speaking in the African language throughout, and I (or supossedly the demon in me?) was cursing and swearing in his language. This is exactly (again) the kind of lie his cult compatriots would buy, but I hope you are alert enough to see that by "going for the big take out" on me, he had in fact suceeded in doing little but further emphasizing the Pseudo Pentecostal assassination tactic in an transparently obvious form. If they won't repent they see the only option as to pull you down, in order to neutralise the refutation of their falsity. Of course he will probably say he was going to pull a crocodile out of me, to prove he was telling the truth, but he never managed to smuggle one into the country through customs. 


The "divinely revealed" character assassination is a tactic unique to the Pentecostals.



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