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Water is so very important. I learned a lot from a video about 3 men and 5 teen boys who went to the Grand Canyon and one died. It is very worth watching this video....



also a video about a woman who made almost every mistake in the book, but God somehow saved her life:


1) Modern Water Filtration Systems - (eg Sawyer Filter = best I believe is the Sawyer Squeeze) . These only take bacteria out of water, not chemicals.


2) The Millbank bag (British Army) - there are modern copies of this for sale.


3) Boiling water -


4) Water Purification Tablets -


5) Iodine


6) Charcoal filtration Systems -


7) Rehydration Sachets


     The perfectly balanced salts and sugars in "rehydration sachets" massively help to transport water through the walls of human intestines. Thus if you go out into hot places like the Grand Canyon (very dangerous - temperatures can go over 110 degrees!) or a desert, priming all your water to the perfect level with these "rehydration sachets" before you go effectively means you take far more water with you, and water is very heavy to carry. Take lots of these sachets and when you find more water put them in to the correct dilution, and you will be in effect carrying a lot more water with you as you absorb it better!

8)  Take extra fold up water bags like Evernew or Platypus or CNOC, because they fold up, take up little space (often work with Sawyer Filters) and can save lives. If you cannot afford it there are very cheap bags from China to buy that hold even more. 


8) Algae Problems :

     In the UK a new type of dangerous algae that has started being fed by modern chemical fertilizers at length leaking into the water ways, has started to poison the waters with a chemical suspected to be the cause of some cases of Alzheimer's Disease. This is making the UK even more difficult to hide from the Mark of the Beast in! I am thinking of perhaps emigrating to Australia of the USA if the time is obviously getting closer, as hiding from "Joe and his dog" is difficult, but when a lot of the water is dodgy it makes hiding and surviving even tougher!

9) Water filtration straws - have saved many lives.

10) tubing - Bear Grylls recommends carrying some plastic tubing in your survival tin to get at water in a difficult place to access. You can burn tubing to light emergency fires too, this shows how important water is!

11) Quick death - you die quickly without water, and even if you dont die your body can get shattering damage from dehydration. The statistics show you are FAR more likely to be killed by the weather (hot sun, snow, rain, wind) than you are by wild animals, or by hunger or dehydration. Then again Bear Grylls pointed out eating the wrong snails kills more people each year than animal attacks.

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