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Bent Coroners



If everyone in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK keeps passing the buck upwards to a small number of top advisors to the Government, we basically have the same structure of excuse making that happened in Nazi Germany. 

In the UK and across the world  it is a coroner's job to make sure that the official "cause of death" is correct and accurate. If he or she suspects the cause of death is false, they should challenge it. 

In England I find that the buck is passed upward. If this is done it only takes a few evil men, or incompetent men, at the top to bring in utter corruption into the Health Service. I will show here in a series of letters that not only did the Liverpool Chief Coroner pass the buck upward and take no responsibility for any false nature of attributing deaths to Covid-19, he actively tried to ban me from contacting any coroner under his jurisdiction, and refused to receive any more emails on the subject of unreliable testing, even though i strenuously pointed out in detail that the clearly false statistics are being used to justify lockdowns in the Third World that are predicted to cause 130 millio9n extra deaths from starvation, and 750,000 suicides in the Third World.


1) My first message to the Liverpool Senior Coroner: André Rebello OBE:

Monday - April 27, 2020



"I need two emails, one for Mr Robello Liverpool coroner and one for the Area Coroner Ms Anita Bhardwaj BA, to submit scientific evidence that the PCR Test used to verify that Covid-19 was the cause of death of the deceased is very unreliable and very statistically flawed, can you please provide me with those two email, or a single email by which both can be contacted. This is VERY important as it is being estimated that 20 million people over the next 18 months in the Third World will starve to death as a result of Covid-19 lockdowns, and over half a million will commit suicide. The so called necessity of these lockdowns is based on the flawed data of infection rates and death rates, from tests that do not fulfil the criteria of the Koch\'s Postulates (1884) and Rivers Postulates (1937) as I will try to prove, and for that reason, and other corruptions of the data, assigning so many deaths as "Covid-19 deaths" is flawed, and the deceptive nature of this is having an absolutely catastrophic impact on planning on how to deal with Covid-19, so I believe it is VERY important that I am allowed to write to both Mr Robello and Ms Anita Bhardwaj about this."


1) Reply from Liverpool and Wirral Coroner Area is Mr André Rebello BSc

Monday - April 27, 2020 at 12:11 PM.



"Thank you for this information. It will be of reassurance to you that the court relies upon expert advice in its determinations and findings. Given the unprecedented deaths being reported, the court trust that you will appreciate the reasons for the brevity of this response.


André Rebello OBE

Senior Coroner Liverpool and Wirral Area

Hon Secretary Coroners’ Society of England & Wales

HM Coroner’s Court

Gerard Majella Courthouse

Boundary Street


L5 2QD. "



2) My second message to the Liverpool Senior Coroner: André Rebello OBE

Sent: Monday 27 April 2020 13:53


"Subject: defending 20 million innocent women and children from starvation.

Dear Mr André Rebello OBE

Thank you very much for your very quick response.

I realise you are a very busy man, because antibiotics are

now failing and the Era of Modern Medicine may be drawing to a close,

not that many people are mentioning this in regard to the recent

increase in deaths from respiratory failure.

I am a former RGN nursing student on national TV as a whistleblower.

I did not (and do not) believe in putting my job before patient care.

I will now try to compile the evidence that the "expert advice" you refer to has been given

to you by Government science experts keen to cover-up their own mistakes.

As you are a highly educated man you will know that kind of cover-up has happened

many times in history, such as with DDT and Agent Orange,

to name but a few, and that those men are guilty of a cover-up can no better be shown

than by the fact that their community of scientists has manipulated Facebook into

attacking scientific challenges to their fake statistics, and threatening everyone who

does so with the severe limitation of Facebook use.

In other words they are happy not only to kill 20 million innocent women and children

in consequence of ill conceived lockdowns, and cause over half a million deaths

by suicide in a predicted 18 month period,

but are willing to kill freedom of speech as well.

I will now begin to compile some of the evidence the statistics are bogus.

I will be dealing with the first 1 million statistics based on the PCR Test  that underpins

the justification to mass murder babies and children by starvation

who have never even had a life yet.

By the way - do you believe it was correct to manipulate all old people in nursing homes

to agree to sign themselves "not for resuscitation" in the event of being PCR tested

positive for Covid-19? 

Your sincerely

Mr Kenneth McDonald. "



2) Reply from Liverpool and Wirral Coroner Area Mr André Rebello BSc

Sent: Monday April 27, 2020 at 2:51 PM



"Subject: RE: defending 20 million innocent women and children from starvation.

Thank you – As a judge I must deal with work in my own court the matters you raise are for executive government and others, not for me or any other coroner.


Please do not email again as the court has no time to deal with the matters you raise.


André Rebello OBE

Senior Coroner Liverpool and Wirral Area. "


3) My letter of complaint: against Liverpool Coroner Mr André Rebello BSc

Sent: 08 May 2020 14:31
To: Danny Clare <>
Subject: complaint against Senior Coroner Mr André Rebello



"Email of complaint, against Senior Coroner Mr André Rebello.

Friday 08.05.2020


Dear Chief Executive Mr Tony Reeves.


I want to make a formal complaint to you about the unprofessional

behaviour of the Senior Coroner of the Liverpool and Wirral area Mr André Rebello.


The complaints are:

1) That he and the coroner's in his constituency are issuing pseudoscientific or

inaccurate death certificates. (I will provide the first issue to prove this further down)

2) That after seeing some of the evidence I would be presenting to him Mr Rebello


quote (27 April 2020 12:11pm)


"Thank you for this information. It will be of reassurance to you that the court relies upon expert advice in its determinations and findings. Given the unprecedented deaths being reported, the court trust that you will appreciate the reasons for the brevity of this response."


André Rebello OBE

Senior Coroner Liverpool and Wirral Area."


Then later (27 April 2020 2:51pm):


"Thank you – As a judge I must deal with work in my own court the matters you raise are for executive government and others, not for me or any other coroner.


Please do not email again as the court has no time to deal with the matters you raise.

André Rebello OBE

Senior Coroner Liverpool and Wirral Area."


These replies lead me to several other complaints:


a) Most importantly of all he is refusing to do his job and verify that the "cause of death" certificates are scientifically and medically correct.

b) If he was too understaffed to make a proper professional reply at that time, he should promise to make a proper reply later.

c) Quote "The matters you raise are for executive government and others". I get sick and tired of people passing the buck on matters that clearly are part of their own responsibility. What issue is more obviously the responsibility and job of a coroner to get correct more than "the cause of death" being correct, scientific and accurate?

d) Quote "not for me or any other coroner". By this (and his next statement) he is unfairly using his authority as  Senior Coroner to block me from getting answers from other coroners, or challenging them that their "cause of death" decisions and statistics are false.

e) Quote: "Please do not email again as the court has no time to deal with the matters you raise."

Here he blocks me altogether from using the contact email, thus blocking me from directing an email to Mr Rebello himself, The Area Coroner Ms Anita Bhardwaj (who may have reacted in a more conscientious and professional manner than he did) , other coroners, or the organisational staff.

f) It just makes it look like a deliberate bureaucratic cover-up.

I wish to deal with this issue in a series of complaints where I offer you one at a time evidence Mr. Rebello and the other coroner's are writing an unscientific, or inaccurate "cause of death" on many death certificates.

The first proof in this first email is:

As Covid-19 and the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen have never fulfilled Koch's Postulates (1884) or River's Postulates (1937) in order to be designated an infectious disease in the first instance, it is therefore pseudoscientific, inaccurate and unprofessional for a coroner to put as the cause of death "Covid-19" on a person's death certificate.

Dr Kaufman has thoroughly debunked online the idea that SARS-CoV-1 was proven in

Nature scientific journal to have fulfilled these postulate. Thus comparing the

SARS-CoV-2 pathogen to the SARS-CoV-1 genetically and saying that shows it has by comparison fulfilled the postulates is entirely wrong. 

I will not pretend this criticism of Covid-19 death statistics is my own, it is one of several

criticisms made by the brilliant Dr. Andrew Kaufman online. I have decided however to point this out to you, Mr Rebello and Mr Steve Warburton, and Patient Advice and Liaison staff. After your reply I will submit other evidence, God willing, in other complaints, to show that the cause of death and infection rates are false.

I hope your reply is not going to be that a coroner does not have the responsibility to make sure the "cause of death" is scientific and accurate to professional standards, in that only people over him are paid to ensure accuracy. To me it is absolutely obviously 

inseparably part of his job. He is neglecting his duties to the public and the millions

of children about to starve to death in the Third World in lockdowns.

After the terrible scientific blunder by Imperial College, when they made a wildly over

pessimistic prediction of 510,000 deaths in the UK, whose model (that was not scientific as it was not for a start reviewed by their peers) has had a very bad impact on how the Covid-19 situation is being handled in the world, we especially in the UK should make sure we do our part to be accurate about Covid-19 statistics and causes of death.

It has been predicted that because of Covid-19 lockdowns in the Third World literally

tens of millions of babies and children will be starved to death as a direct result.

It is therefore super-massively important that we make absolutely sure all the statistics

about Covid-19 are accurate, as those stats are being used to try to justify those lockdowns.

I hope you will uphold this first complaint, and get Mr Rebello to show he can prove

wrong this first criticism of the accuracy of "cause of death" from Covid-19 death certificates. 

I am a former whistleblower from the NHS myself and I feel conscientiously it is my duty to try to do my part , however small, to expose the falsity of the Covid-19 statistics, as those same statistics are being used to starve to death tens of millions  of innocent little babies and children who never even had a life yet.

Please acknowledge receipt of this email, and verify it will be read by Tony Reeves.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Kenneth McDonald."


My Comments:

These emails only contain one of the reasons I wanted to mention. I started with Koch's Postulates because I wanted to begin at the very beginning. I would if I had been allowed to have started a list of reasons why the Covid-19 death and infection rates are false and how I believe the coroners have a massive responsibility to make sure it does not happen. Chiefly this would have been an exposure of the flawed nature of the RT-PCR Tests, and how deaths clearly caused by something else are attributed to Covid-19. 

Instead I met a complete denial of his own responsibility by the chief coroner André Rebello, I met the tactic of passing the buck upwards, a cover-up by stonewalling, and blocking tactics in case (or for fear) I might communicate with a coroner with a better conscience and a more professional attitude toward his or her responsibilities than 

Mr. André Rebello the Senior Coroner of Liverpool.

The result of my complaint was that I have no proof whatsoever that the Liverpool Council Chief Executive Mr Tony Reeves ever even saw the email. I was instead directed by  one of his subordinates to make a complaint to other people, who I had a sneaking feeling would cover it all up. Not sure how to proceed from here. I may write to Prince Charles, he is often very conscientious and mat do something about it.


I feel I have helped to uncover why fake Test data on Covid-19 will carry on being churned out, and why deaths clearly not from Covid-19 will be siphoned neverendingly into the statistics. People like André Rebello in my view are creating a culture of fear. The buck is passed upwards always. The excuse I believe will be to say they are short staffed and run off their feet and so not able to check into or question the reliability of the RT-PCR Tests, and whether stats from other deaths are being falsely represented as Cpovid-19 deaths. It is largely them who are responsible for both things happening yet they plead business as their excuse. There is no excuse for something that serious.


As I have written here on this website already I do not agree with everything Dr Andrew Kaufman believes, however I do not believe in ignoring relevant criticisms or good scientific revelations by someone just because I disagree with them either.

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