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Questions about Covid-19




There are in fact Seven Coronaviruses Human Coronavirus Types (divided from ones that infect animals). So it is inane to have statistics on TV saying people died of or became infected with "Coronavirus". The public are being deceived and patronised at the same time, as if incapable of understanding such simple things, or are not worthy to be presented with accurate statistics.

Scientists have divided coronaviruses into four sub-groupings, called alpha, beta, gamma, and delta. Seven of these viruses can infect people:

1) 229E (alpha) - common cold
2) NL63 (alpha) - bronchiolitis, croup, respiratory infections
3) OC43 (beta) common cold
4) HKU1 common cold, but can advance to pneumonia and bronchiolitis
5) MERS-CoV, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)
6) SARS-CoV, a beta virus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)
7) SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 10.26.02.png



The day the BBC and other TV stations suddenly changed all the statistics of people dying "of Covid-19" to dying "with Covid-19".

So they in effect tried to totally change months of TV statistics.


As children and babies are starving to death, I want to try and keep sharing things on your wall hoping the facts my research is showing up will be shared by you. Here are a few stunning facts about the Covid-19 Tests:


1) Patients with respiratory illness are tested VERY frequently about 6-10 times, yes! over and over and over and over again!!! until they test positive.


2) The motivation is very likely because as they cycle the test 45 instead of the recommended 35 or under, it is likely to give a false positive because of corruption of the sample from background fluorescence or "noise". An example is - if you look at the chessboard doubling problem, square 46 is 35 trillion. 35 trillion is their target result in RT-PCR Tests. This proves they are running it at 45 cycles instead of the recommended 35. At 45 cycles it is likely to corrupt and show a false positive. So they keep testing patients over and over and over again.


3) Every RT-PCR Test is very expensive, but no one EVER tells exactly how much each test costs all in.


4) No one ever exposes the top dozen peoples names making money from the tests.


5) Doctors are now calling the Covid-19 pathogen a chameleon pathogen, or saying it "imitates the flu or a cold".


6) Quote: "If there are only parts of viruses present, or defective virus particles, that are not infectious, they would still produce positive tests. The tests do not prove that pathogenic, replicable virus is present." simply amazing! The test is yet again bunk! .


7) The tests can be corrupted or false because the person taking it screwed up.


8) The test can be corrupted via bad transportation.


9) The test can be corrupted in storage.


10) They are not counting virus fragments just recording fluorescence - which in the end is not proving virus presence.


11) based on flawed science : a poor match between the primer and the virus in the patient, then an infected patient could get a negative result. the primer can go wrong in other ways too.


12) Entirely fake - Hubei province, China, have started counting people with symptoms rather than using the tests for final confirmation. (cheaper) ​


13)  Dr Nancy Messonnier, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says some of its tests are producing "inconclusive" results. ​


14) Another option is the patients do have the coronavirus but it is at such an early stage, there is not enough to detect. ​


15) Most importantly these tests are not really proving VIRAL LOAD because of all the corruptions. 


16) Why not test everyone for a cold (complications) or flu and blame that if they get a positive result on it? Why are all tests focussed on one thing? Its entirely biased.


17) People are given financial motivations to say people died of Covid-19!

18) 8% of human DNA is made up of viral DNA which might show a positive result?…/viruses-destruction-and-creat… (10:20 mins)


19) Kary Mullis strongly disagreed with using PCR for this as far as I am aware.


20) they siphon death stats from many other real causes of death into their "results". This happens so often in in such ridiculous ways in itself it undermines all the test "results" As children and babies are starving to death, I want to try and keep sharing things on your wall hoping the facts my research is showing up will be shared by you.


21) As each country picks a different part of the Covd-19 RNA to "hunt" for, the percentage % likelihood it will form a false positive from other DNA / RNA in the sample is not known. Each country chooses a different part of the RNA so the drug companies can feed off the profits like vampires.


22) Compare last years death rates in your country to this years. They are probably much the same, though some more will die as Covid-19 is real and something like the flu in its dangers, and as antibiotics are now failing it will mean more and more people young and old dying draw out deaths from respiratory failure from bacteria infections. 

As children and babies are starving to death, I want to try and keep sharing things on your wall hoping the facts my research is showing up will be shared by you. Here are a few stunning facts about the Covid-19 Tests:
please do your best to help these starving women and children Andy! Thank you so much for all you did so far!
By stimulating us all to think about some of the false stats they produce!


They insist that animals can be carriers of Covid-19. Right? How can it possibly be eradicated then? They know dogs and cats can not only carry the virus, but actually have a "case" of the virus, but they do not know yet how many other animals. Maybe they do not want to find out, as if they find out lots of animals can be infected their entire globalist agenda of dictatorships collapses, as the idiotic plan to wipe out a morphing virus once again becomes an impractical mega expensive plan to make the super rich into our rulers, by feeding off cures and tests forever, and turning us into a subclass of prols.

1) Koch's Postulates & River's Postulates:

(date is significant

below a video claims to debunk Dr Andrew Kaufman MD

these pages are presently just considered notes and rough research .

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