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According to the Book of Revelation Christians in our age face a challenge to hide in the wilderness or be killed for not receiving the mark of the Beast.

If you are already a survivalist you will know about 


1) Survival in forests

2) Survival in deserts

3) Survival in a jungle

4) Survival on mountains

5) Survival on the tundra

6) Survival on an island

7) Survival at sea

8) Survival in a swamp

9) Survival on savannah teaming with dangerous animals

10) Urban survival when society goes through a meltdown or law and order

But very few preppers and survivalist are preparing for the very specific new form of survivalism, and when they are they often misunderstand the basic principles:

Surviving the 666 System.

The dangers of the 666 System change the criteria of your goals, needs and plans when you go into all the above survival situations (and others, like hiding in Canyons etc). The primary reason is you will be hunted, and not just by the 666 new Nazi style police force, but you will be hunted by civilians as well. Worse Jesus warned us we will often be betrayed by our own friends, neighbours and families. As no one else seems to be teaching the specific subject of how to survive all the way to the Rapture, I will begin to do so, even though I openly admit that my knowledge of survivalism is mostly armchair survival studies. It is better than nothing, as up to now I heard totally nothing about the subject by all the famous survivalists, who are all probably fretting about a decline in their popularity as they are often linked with success through the secular media. No such problem with me. My attitude has always been to stuff popularity and try to get through to the Kingdom at all costs. It was the same with John the Baptist, Elijah, Saint Stephen, Saint John and any other man or woman of God in the past. Let that apply to you. As in Pilgrim's Progress a man warned Christian (the hero of the story)  to “Fly from the wrath to come.” So Christian began running, crying out, “Life! Life! Eternal life!” Let your eye be single - set on eternal life. not popularity with secular media.

The Basics:

1) The mark you must never take: The antichrist or "Beast" will try to mark the whole of Humanity with a trading mark on their foreheads or right hands. God warns you that you must under no circumstances receive this mark. The Beast seeks to reign over humanity, but God makes it clear that if you do not receive this mark it will be you (not the Beast and his minions) who will live and reign with Christ on Earth 1,000 years.

It seems more and more likely this trading mark maybe a "clean of Covid" I.D. linked to a new form of Medical Naziism, where anyone not complying with the plan to bleed dry society of its cash via vaccines and tests is branded "unclean" for not being a lemming to Big Pharma. This massive wakening of the western economic system will then lead to the bible predicted Russian and Oriental military attacks, leading Planet Earth to Armageddon. (we shall see)

2) Timing: Christians have thought the 666 System was at the doors before, and other disasters, have sold their homes and gone into the wilderness, in real terms becoming almost bankrupt, because they got the timing wrong. I am not hiding in the wilderness yet. Probably neither are you. Time will tell who is in the Spirit to judge the timing correctly. Can we read the signs of the times? Are you an over optimist who gets caught early, a pessimist who goes out too quickly and thus elongates the ordeal, or a realist who escapes capture at just the right time?

3) Two bad plans: In Revelation 13 I strongly believe Jesus warns us there are two very bad plans you must never adopt at the time of the "mark of the Beast", and he does this in Revelation 13:9-10, saying those Christians who evade these two traps are showing the fruit of being the real in the Spirit believers:


a) Compliance: "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity": do not comply and take the 666 mark, leading others captive by your bad example.  


b) Killing others: "he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword." a prime example of this is the dumb-ass hillbilly hick idea of sitting guarding a massive stash of food in your house, waiting for a shoot out with the 666 police, and naively thinking you will be raptured with a shotgun in your hands as you try to mowdown those who have either come to arrest and execute you, or simply robbers arriving to steal your provisions.


Like it or not, Jesus taught a revolutionary new way of "Love and Peace" entirely different from that of Moses. The nation of the USA as we see it today bears testimony to what can happen when believers obey the reality of the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. The pilgrim fathers were largely pacifists, persecuted for their realisation Romans 13 is simply saying God will use unbelievers to achieve good results, in the same way as he used Pharoah, Nebuchadnezzar and Jonah, it does not say Governments are righteous, rather they are better than the anarchy that caused the Earth to be flooded at the time of Noah. 

"Here is the patience and the faith of the saints." Do not do either of those two bad plans!

4) Two good plans

a) Be a martyr and die rather than receiving the mark: unlike some preachers I see nothing wrong on surrendering and being then executed if you can no longer bear the starvation, dehydration, isolation, cold, heat, insect bites, or other traumas of evading those trying to stamp you with an ID mark like a barcoded tin of produce on a supermarket shelf. If they kill you it's not your fault. You are free in Christ. 


b) Evade capture all the way through to the Rapture: few will manage this. It is a tough task. Well done indeed if you are one of those who manages this!

New threats:

1) Drones! :

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