THE MASS


      The Mother of Harlots

offers  her cup to the world.

        Revelation 17: 1-6



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"The body of Christ." 

"The blood of Christ."


This is how the bread and wine (or wafers and grape juice) are offered to the people. This convinces the Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians that they are taking Christ literally, and therefore they must be right to believe it. But this is not even the teaching of these churches, as I will prove here.


If the bread is just flesh, and is not considered living flesh, it would be more accurate to say "the corpse of Christ." And if you drank blood on its own, that was forbidden in the book of Acts, probably because one of the many abominable practices in temples of idolatry at the time was to drink goblets of blood, aside from the cannibalism issue. It would also mean that infant communion, carried out in Orthodoxy, was to drink only blood, and the eucharist was incomplete. Therefore the actual belief of the Catholics and Orthodox churches is that "every drop of wine, and every crumb of bread is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ,"


However if when offering the wine to the people, the priests said: "the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ" the congregation might well reply: "Hey! That is wrong! Jesus said it was his blood!" Or when offering the bread to the people, the priests said: "the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ" the congregation might well reply: "Hey! That is wrong! Jesus said it was his body!" So to avoid this the bread and wine are offered falsely as if only flesh and blood separately,  first the flesh of Christ, and then the blood of Christ, to convince the people that the doctrines of these churches somehow keep Christ's words literally. When they do not even in their own doctrines, let alone in reality.


Here are some issues and facts about the taking of the bread and wine.


1) The first communion was held before Christ was crucified.

2) How can the disciples eat Jesus, when he stood in front of them?

3) Is it the crucified body and blood of Christ? Is it his resurrected body and blood?

4) Do you therefore hold a doctrine that the resurrected body of Christ definitely has blood inside it?

5) Part of of the scripture of the Whore of Babylon says "and abominations of the earth". Have you ever thought how abominable it is to say you chew up Jesus, swallow him, and then digest him? I have heard that Catholics invented a defence that the flesh and blood on being swallowed turn back into what they were, bread and wine, but I cannot trace this as being true, and it is up to them to try to defend their beliefs, not me.



3) Evangelicals believe that the cup of the Catholic mass or Orthodox Eucharist, is the cup of the Whore of Babylon, the Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots (both Catholics and Orthodox believers call their church "The Mother Church") and her rebel daughtes (if she is a Mother she has daughters). 

4) It is often believed taking the drinking of blood literally is the origin of vampirism.

5) Eating human flesh and blood is cannibalism.

6) The Whore of Babylon is Mystery Babylon, and you will find false churches continually justifying the contradictions of transubstantiation by the phrase "it's a MYSTERY"

7) Catholics bow the knee to the concecrated elements (bread and wine) as it is "God in the flesh" to them.

8) There is a massive division over this among Catholics and Orthodoxy, but the first wrangles over the doctrinal differences are relatively late, though both claim to have always believed the same things perpertually, as both of their churches are "infallible and incapable of error".

9)  What actual spiritual good would it do to a person to physically consumme the flesh and blood of Jesus?

10) The wine and bread still smell, taste and look like bread and wine.

11) The doctrine is that the bread and wine have physically changed into the body and blood of Christ. But they often say "if you hold the wafer up to the light, you do not see sinews, bone fragments, veins carrying coursing blood - yet it has physically changed into his body and blood, literally." 

12) Phrases like "under the external species of bread and wine" are used to confuse people as the the definite meaning of the doctrine, that is a physical change was effected and made literally and physically into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Christ.

13 The role of the priest

14) The resurrected body of Christ has acended into heaven

15) If you eat Christ crucified not resurrected you are describing tow different bodies (scripture says - thou fool! You do not know what the resurrected body is like."