SHELTER - different countries different needs.

1) Log cabin .

2) Hidden survival den . (perhaps underground even)

3) Caravan .

4) Motor Home .

5) Tent .

6) Tarp .

7) Bivi system .

8) Fishing umbrella system .

9) The Super Shelter .

10) Push-bike sleepover trailer .

11) Motorbike trailer .

12) Roof top tents. Pretty cool but a tad expensive, in Australia I would perhaps put a mylar type reflector on the top to keep cooler? Or a solar panel or two.

Insulation :

So important in many cold or indeed hot countries. Some places like deserts get very hot in the day and very cold at night. The sheer scale of the temperature drop can kill. My latest thoughts on this are to try lining a hidden wooden camo painted shelter with camping sleeping mats, which are very good insulators (but expensive covering a big area).

When you are warned beforehand, and can prepare, the rules of shelter building can change a lot. The normal way to built a lean-to shelter for instance, is to make it with steep sides (so rain runs down it without dripping inside the shelter too much), making the space inside shalow, just deep enough to sleep inside it. However if you prepare by taking the right things to a hidden camp, if you decide to built that same shelter, you can use nails, screws, and wire, to contruct it, and, more importantly, a good quality heavy duty tarpaulin, which sheds water at a less steep angle, thus allowing you to build the same shelter at a less steep angle, making the inside much bigger, and fully rainproof and wind proof on three sides, a massive improvement over a conventional survival shelter. A piece of clear thick plastic can be placed over the front also, or even another tarpaulin or a wind-break that has windows in it! If you use clear plastic the heat from a fire can radiate through the plastic to the person inside (as in the super-shelter). You can ever put furniture inside it. like a proper table, comfy camp chairs, or a bed, one perhaps like fishermen use on over night stays.


Super Shelter - Youtube





allowing you to breath in warm air like in the lounge at home, the Wychwood Morpheus Ultra 7 Sleeping Bag (expensive). It is 5 season. 5 season is probably the best to look for.

In my opinion the sleeping bags to avoid are ones lined with FLOCK. Why?? Because you can buy flock liners for about £15 and slip them inside, bolstering any sleeping bag. but you could argue you could slip inside a flock bag a cheap thin sleeping bag I guess. I disagree tho. 

The Wychwood Morpheus 4 is 3 times cheaper and similar design, but you can put inside a flock liner when it gets really cold.



The reason shelter is the no. 1 priority in survival, even above food and water, is that you can die in less than an hour if left exposed to bad weather conditions (wind, snow, rain, cold), but it takes usually just over a week to die of thirst (sometimes less) and perhaps months to die of hunger. However what shelter is can be complicated by the fact that good clothes are in themselves a form of shelter, and just hiding under a tree from the rain, rather than using a tent, tarpaulin, caravan, motor home, log cabin etc is shelter. The subject is also complicated by the fact that there are basically two plans to "survive" the 666 mark, one is to last long enough to be slain as a martyr (Rev 20:4) and the other is to try to evade capture and last all the way through to the late Rapture - in the latter case shelters may need to be hidden, buried, camoflaged etc. If one tries to hide, when captured you must be willing to also b slain as a martyr, and not be swept away in an unbiblical view that if you try to evade capture and are caught, you can then take the mark, remove it (if it can be) and then run and hide again. Let us get the straight - God says you must NEVER take the mark or the "number of his name - 666" ever! Under any circumstances 


In this section I hope to show lots of things you can survive in, until we are slain for not taking the 666 mark. But I hope also to show some ideas for those who wish to evade capture and who will try to make it all the way through to the Rapture. These people will be hunted by the forces of the antiChrist, but some of them will evade capture (or else how can there be a Rapture if no Christians are still alive in the first place?) When the Son of man comes, will he find Faith on the Earth? Well..... for me the answer to that is definitely a big YES.


Some things we can shelter in are

Log cabins, mobile homes, caravans, tents, bug out shelters, teardrop trailers, bike trailers, hay bail houses, flat pallet houses, garden sheds,green houses, etc.



Bare minimal living.


See flip shelters

and metal models


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