How I personally fight Covid-19

My own way to fight Covid-19,

The way I fight Covid-19, if I think I have it, is to take Activated Charcoal pills, The reason I do this is my belief that Activated Charcoal attacks the HQ  of Covid-19 in the human gut, drinking in, and taking the virus out, perhaps is some way also disabling the virus. This is not being presented as a cure, it is my own personal plan of action. One of the downsides of Taking Activated Charcoal is that it is so effective at grabbing toxins it can grab orally taken medication and render it less effective or even useless, remember that if you decide to try it.


photo: Activated Charcoal Capsules. They can work faster if you pour a single capsule into a glass of pure water.

Vitamin D:

There seems to be a lot of evidence that Vitamin D also helps to fight off Covid-19. I have heard that Youtube are erasing videos giving out this information. Perhaps this is because if it is true, locking down people away from fresh air and sunlight, will actually make the spread of the virus worse in some ways. Facts about natural cures also run contrary to the plans of some kind of Illuminati style conspiracy to push a vaccine cure, linked perhaps with some kind of identity pass that allows you to buy and sell more easily. This is precisely the kind of thing predicted in Revelation 13 in the bible. It is why I was careful in one of my videos to say "or something like that". It is not necessarily that they will do away with money, but perhaps rather do away with the right to use k money even to buy food without a mark, or at first some kind of pass. 

The natural remedy revolution.

Joseph Mercola, DO .

is a passionate advocate of natural medicine. He is a wellness champion and a visionary who has succeeded in implementing much needed changes to our current healthcare system.


This is my honest opinion: As antibiotics are now failing, medics were saying "The age of modern medicine is drawing to a close". Already turning more and more to God sent natural remedies, the demise of antibiotics would have sparked a world wide health revolution. No longer would multinational drug companies make their billions. People might actually start thanking God for filling nature with so many resources.

Now suddenly with Covid-19 and the halfwit plan to ruin the economy to stop in effect more flu type illnesses, the multinational drug companies swoop in on us like vultures, offering us two choices

1) Ruined daily lives - where the vultures feed off us with test, test, test

2) All take a set of vaccines - that will be useless anyway, but may be used to alter our DNA and plant nanotechnology in us - where the vultures swoop in for a 6 or 7 billion mega medical rip off.

There is option 3

3) Get on with our lives, and try the added bonus of getting rid of the idea of a WHO and let nations start making their own decision.