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1) GOD: There is one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, all coequal and coeternal within the Godhead. 


I deny that "God the Father has no origin, but the Son of God and the Holy Spirit have their origin in the Father", as the Eastern Orthodox imply. I say the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are all without origin, that they have always existed as they are, and that God the Son and God the Holy Spirit do not have their origin in the Father, they have simply always existed along with God the Father.

It is my understanding of the Eastern Orthodox religion that by the two phrases "made of the same substance of the Father" and "born of the Father outside of time" they mean to state that if the Son of God was born or created or "brought out of God the Father" inside of time it would be a creation and thus heretical, but if it happened outside of time it is not. Such a view by them is incorrect. Jesus was not "born outside of time" in fact God strenuously avoids throughout the whole new testament  the word "born" when interpreting the God anointed phrase "only begotten". God the Son was never born before time started, or brought out of God the Father by being "made out of his substance" Jesus and the Holy Spirit are both I AM THAT I AM, not born or made, even before time, they simply are and have always existed.

It is my teaching that the word "begotten" in the phrase "only begotten" means to be shown forth, or brought forth to be seen, that is Jesus is the "only revealed" Son of God, all the other sons of God who become God's sons by rebirth through the Holy Spirit are created, and became sons of God, but Jesus was never created and never became The Son of God, he simply is The Son of God, thus is the only "revealed Son of God" and that that is the true meaning of the phrase "only begotten Son" Only begotten does not (repeat it does not) mean "born outside of time" or "made of the same substance of the Father". The word "substance" in relation to God, who is entirely Spirit and the Supreme Spiritual being is off piste and inappropriate.

In short people seldom realise that there are in fact two doctrines of the Trinity:

Many Protestants: Father, Son and Holy Spirit have always existed, non was "born outside of time". The word "substance" is inappropriate to be applied to God. Jesus and the Holy Spirit do not have their origin in the Father, rather, like the Father, they are without origin.  

Eastern Orthodoxy & Catholics: The Son of God is born outside of time, and the Son and Spirit are "made of the same substance as the Father".

2) THE INCARNATION & NATURE OF CHRIST: Jesus was fully man and fully God. Yet without sin. To believe this is fundamental to the Faith.

It is my doctrine a person does not need to make a commitment in belief far beyond this teaching.


That is....

Few Protestants and Evangelicals consider it necessary to attempt to delve into an analysis of the undivulged aspects of the nature of God and of Christ in the incarnation, and you seldom hear them mention words like: Monophysitism, Dyophysitism, Miaphysitism, Monothelitism, Dyothelitism, Dyoenergism, or the subjects of "ousia and energia". This I believe is because 1 Timothy 3:16 tells us "Great is the mystery of Godliness" and King David in humility expressed "LORD, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty: neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me." Psalm 131:1.


The true "Gospel by which we are Saved" (1 Cor 15: 1-4 & Luke 24: 44-48) or "Jesus Saves Gospel"  is to believe in Jesus Christ crucified, buried and resurrected for our salvation. Jesus was the first person to preach the good news of salvation through him alone, but he did mention repentance. Everyone who truly believes in Jesus repents of their sins, but repentance does not save you, it is simply a quality indicator of real belief.


By being involved in the power of the resurrection of Christ, the Father and Holy Spirit also partake in the gospel, and though true this is not mentioned in the simplicity of the good news that saves.


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