The image of the Beast.

        What will it be?

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What will "the image of the beast" be?

People say the Bohemian Grove false god statue was a huge statue of an Owl god. If I had to make a guess on what the "image of the beast" will be, it would be this owl god idea. There are several reasons for this. One was a dream where I saw only the feet of a supermassive statue and I only saw the feet and the feet looked like the feet of an owl. I have never taken too much notice of other people's dreams, so I do not expect you to take much notice of my dream. Even I treat the dream with a pinch of salt. But that was the dream.

In China and North Korea the two dictators Xi Jinping and Kim Jong-un build huge statues of themselves and they force everyone to worship (some would argue do homage to) the statues, and thus worship them. The trouble is all statues of this kind look dated after a while, and jaded. But statues from the ancient world of false gods, do not always look dated in the same way. 

It is my personal suspicion that Bill Gates my try to represent his own appearance as an owl, as he wears glasses giving him an owl like appearance sometimes. This however is just a guess, and partly due to a dream and partly due to general observation, and my suspicion that Bill Gates is psychopathically vain. 

A Owl is a beast.

One thing that really backs up the idea that "the image of the beast" is an owl god, is of course the simple fact that an owl is "a beast". But God also calls the new world order dictator "a beast". It seems to me Bill Gates does fit that profile. I think he does not give a hoot about people's lives, just getting on with some new world vision he has, just like Hitler before him, and just like a hyena eating its prey alive does not care about the pain and agony of its victims, I do not think Bill Gates cares about the suffering he is inflicting at this moment on people in the Third World from the knock-on effects of his lockdown plans.

The Bohemian Owl god.

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The historic School of prophecy.

People who believe in the historic school of prophecy, rather than the preterist or futurist schools (I personally believe the eclectic school of prophecy has it right - that is there is some truth in all of them) think "the image of the beast" could be several things from the past, including the Muslim Black Stone.