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Jesus and bible believe that the true church of in the Spirit believers can be characterised partly by not sliding into the End Times Apostasy prophesied in scripture. 

Main issues of the Apostasy are:


1) Killing in wars - as the world will be led along the path to Armageddon, so it is important to know Jesus taught Love and Peace not war.


2) Christian marriage is for life - this website has already proved that Jesus did not say a Christian can divorce and remarry for adultery.


3) Fake bibles - the NIV type modern bibles are written from the corrupted Alexandrian Greek. The KJV type Greek is correct, which contains the full Lord's Prayer, John 8, Mark 16, and literally hundreds of other verses ommitted from the modern versions. Significantly many "Love and Peace" scriptures are ommitted from the modern versions, and they change the wording of Matthew chapter 5 and chaper 19 to falsely allow divoce and remarriage for the cause of adultery, which is adultery in itself according to the life long Christian marriage teachings of Jesus.


4) That millions of people believe these things and the true gospel, but they ae scattered across the Earth in many different churches, meeting opposition for their views. This website has a vision to draw mant of these people who already exist as the true in the Spirit church to identify themselves as true in the Spirit church. This is not a vision to begin a new church, just a vision to encourage the true church that already exists to show a united stand against the Apostasy.






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the following are notes only





I think it is necessary to distinguis teachings of this website, that are not part of its Statement of Faith, that are different to some other websites that claim to be Christian, in order to make you aware of this from the beginning. This is because teachings in a Statement of Faith are often more widely believed. teaches:


1) War and Capital Punishment: Killing in a war and capital punishment are both forbidden in new covenant law, and that the commonly quoted scripture Romans 13 that is used by churches to contradict this has been greatly misunderstood by those who teach killing, war and capital punishment. Jesus taught a revolutionary new teaching of "Peace and Love". Unrepentantly killing others leads to Hell, and Government officials and judges who claim to be Christian are not exempt from this. 


2) Christian marriage: Christian marriage is for life. A tidal wave of adulterous marrages is sweeping across the planet in churches, because they use the modern versions of the bible that have changed the word "fornication" in Matthew 5:32 and Matthew 19:9 to words and phrases such as "has been unfaithful" or "sexual immorality" etc, leading to the heretical teaching that adultery ends Christian marriage and allows remarriage. Teaching adultery in this way (similar to the gospel of Jezebel in the Book of Revelation) or actually divorcing and remarrying will lead to the Lake of Fire, unless repented of.


3) False Bibles: The teaching of is that modern versions of the bible, such as the NIV and the ESV, are written from the wrong kind of Greek manuscripts, ommitting and also changing huge amounts of scripture, not only because of mistranslation, but because the false Alexandrian Greek they use itself ommits or changes huge amounts of real bible verses.


However this site also teaches that "KJV Onlyism" is also heretical, as it exalts the KJV bible to the status of almost idolatry. The KJV Bible is not quote "perfect, inerrant, and impossible to improve" as they claim. The teaching of this site is that as a translation of the right manuscripts the KJV bible is the best translation in the world, but it can be improved upon and is not "inerrant and incapable of error".


4) Sunday and the Sabbath: If a person wishes to keep Sunday as a special day of worship, or if a person wishes to set aside a day of rest, it is not a sin, it is part of your freedpom in Christ. This site teaches that "The Lord's Day" is Sunday or the first day of the week, not the old sabbath day Saturday or the seventh day of the week. However the sabbath has been spiritualised in the new covenant, just as circumcision has been, and there is no "sabbath day law" in the new covenant that is seen as "a sin" if you do not keep it. A Christian is free to work on any day, but can set aside a rest day. It is better that a rest day is not termed "a sabbath" however, as it can be misconstrued as a law which if broken is "a sin".


5) Christmas and Easter: The subject of feast days and holidays is complex. For a start a person can keep a day as a national holiday, rather than a religious holiday or "part of their religion or Faith". If a person wishes to give thanks for the cross and resurrection once a year, on chosen days, he is free to do so. However the bible name for the day of resurrection is "The Lord's Day" not Easter.

Christmas is more controversial, as the day of the birth of Jesus is unknown. Giving thanks for the birth of Jesus in the cold winter months has cheered many hearts at a time of the year that can be seen as otherwise cold and bleak. The original word use for a day does not represent necessarily its present day usage, and the word "Christmas" now does not represent "a mass". It is not a sin if you wish to give thanks for Jesus being born on a set aside day. There is no day in the year that is forbidden to a believer to give thanks to God for either the cross, resurrection, or birth of Christ. It is not a sin to invite folks to church to sing hymns at what is called by some Christmas time to try to reach out to unbelievers. Keeping no day, or holiday is "a law". The laws to keep old testament feast days was nailed to the cross and is not law now.

If you wish to keep the polar opposite view: "It is a sin to sing carols and hymns at Christmas time" or "It is a sin to give thanks on a specal day for the resurrection" I feel you are being legalistic and judgemental. We are free in Christ to do so.


important warning: the bible warns that the keeping of days (even the Lord's Day) can descend into liturgical worship and formulary religious practices, and therefore should be both limited if used, and kept spiritual. The end result of the misuse of freedom in Christ concerning the keeping of days, and how it can descend into liturgical, formulary, procedural, almost clockwork religion, can be seen in the so called "Orthodox Christian" churches, who in the keeping of traditions think they are pleasing God, even if their doctrines have gone very far astray from the truth, such as salvation by works of the law. This has happened however when the keeping of days has been mingled with idols and icons, uniformed clergy, false doctrine, priestcraft and formulary religion such as reading out loud of creeds and man made prayers.  


6) The Early Rapture Theory: The Early Rapture theory is often simply a false gospel. I think breaking fellowship over just thinking the Rapture is early is going too far, BUT if it is then added to this belief (as it very often is) that after an early Rapture the Holy Spirit is then taken from the Earth, and people are then not saved by the present Gospel (1 Cor 15:1-4 or Luke 24:44-48) but by a new gospel preached by the angel in Revelation 14:6-7, then that is a very serious heresy, as the Gospel of Christ is the only means of salvation, and the gospel preached by the angel in Revelation 14 is one which indicates a message of "good news" preached in the general sense, rather than in the specific sense of The Gospel "by which we are saved". In other words Galatians 1:6-9 warns us not to believe another gospel of salvation even if an angel from heaven preaches it to us, and in this case a true angel is preaching a true message, but it is then being interpreted falsely by the Early Rapture school of thought. The Early Rapture theory is also very dangerous, as it teaches Christians they will never see the 666 mark appear, which will help to deceive some people into taking the mark when it does appear, and when the Rapture is late not early.




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The intention or "vision" of this website is to preach the gospel as it really is, and to alert people about false gospels. One such false gospel is "The Early Rapture" theory that is widespread throughout churches, but there are many false gospel people need to be warned to avoid.


It is the teaching of Jesus and Bible .com that Jesus preached a revolutionary new "Love and Peace" message, not war. He also banned capital punishment. The old testament law is not for today, there is new law in a new and better covenant that makes the first old. It is not Christian to kill people, on the contrary it is deadly heresy and false teaching to kill in any war, or to use capital punishment. Romans 13 has been completely misunderstood by most believers, who assume it is saying that governments are somehow filled with saved believers doing God's will, when in fact they are simply being used by God as an alternative to the anarchy present before the Noahic Flood.


This site also opposes what might be called "The Jezebel Gospel", that is the false teaching among modern churches that Christians are not married for life, and that divorce is permitted for post marital adultery. This heresy has arisen largely because false modern bibles change the word from "fornication" in Matthew 5:32 in the KJV to other expressions such as "sexual immorality" or "unfaithful" in versions such as the NIV and ESV, which heretically make it sound as if adultery ends a Christian marriage, which it does not. Such false churches then declare that unrepentant adulterous second marriage does not mean a person is damned (defiling their gospel with unrepentant sin). This is similar to the teachings of Jezebel and is therefore heresy.









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