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warning: for goodness sake do not get into  the USA backwoods mentality that you...... "are gonna defend a stockpile of food with a wagon load of ammo", including resisting the authorities. It just is not Christian. I sometimes think that is what Jesus meant by Revelation 13:10. DON'T DO IT! There is a time to stockpile food in your home and stick it out, and there is a time to move out from plan A (prepper at home) to plan B (survivalist hiding). Simple as that.

UK Survivalists :

1) John Wiseman rating:10/10

2) Bear Grylls . rating:10/10 (many tv series)

3) Ray Mears . rating:10/10  (many tv series)

4) Ed Stafford . rating:10/10  (many tv series)

5) Ed Wardle (Alone in the Wild). rating:10/10   (tv series)

6) The Sgt Fruitcake (youtube)

7) AlfieAesthetics - mentioned with great reluctance (he swears and curses but know a lot)

USA Survivalists .

1) Les Stroud ( known as Survivorman) rating:10/10  (many tv series)

2) preparedmind101 (youtube channel) rating:10/10

3) Dave Canterbury - Wilderness Outfitters . rating:10/10  (many tv series)

4) Ultimate Survival Tips . rating:10/10

5) Cody Lundin . rating:10/10  (many tv series)

6) The Outdoor Gear review . (youtube channel) rating:10/10

7) Sensible Prepper .

8) Reallybigmonkey1 . (youtube) 

*) Matt Graham

*) Laura Zerra (researching this now)

*) Mykel Hawke (researching this now)

*) Engineer 775 Practical Preppers?  (researching this now)

*) Black Scout Survival ? (researching this now) ,

*) Sigma 3 Survival School? (researching this now) ,

*) Bushcraft bartons ? (researching this now) ,

*) E.J. “Skullcrusher” Snyder  (researching this now)

AUSTRALIAN Survivalists :

1) Les Hiddins (Known as the Bush Tucker Man) rating:10/10  (many tv series)

2) Jack Absalom . rating:10/10  (many tv series)

3) Research YouTube for people like Malcolm Douglas, and many others, by searching for outback survival etc.

AUSTRIAN Survivalists .

1) Survival Lilly . rating:10/10


1) Crazy Russian Hacker (YouTube Channel) rating:9/10


1) I Shouldn't Be Aliverating:10/10

2) OUT OF THE WILD The Alaska Experimentrating:10/10

3) Dual Survival .

4)  Braving Alaska




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