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The Main Players - Covid 19





1) Dr. Anthony Stephen Fauci . accused of loving the limelight 

2) Bill Gates .

3) Professor Woo-Joo Kim .

4a) The Unknown medic - writer of the "Manufactured Pandemic" article

4) Flora Teoh (Science Editor heathfeedback dot org) , 

     ( & Raymond Tzer Pin Lin who peer reviewed her article) .

5) WHO (World Health Organization).

6) Facebook . Free speech issues

7) Youtube . Free speech issues

8) Imperial College blunder .

9) Dr Hilary (UK) the man who avoids the big questions .

10) Piers Morgan (Good Morning Britain) disallows comments on Youtube

11) Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific officer,


2) Tucker Carlson . (famous video deleted )

3) California medics   (famous video deleted )  SOURCE: Artin MassihiDaniel EricksonFacebookYouTube, 22 Apr. 2020. 

4)  Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke ( Why lockdowns are the wrong policy - Swedish expert Prof. Johan Giesecke youtube -


everyone in this group produces very interesting facts and evidence, but all of them mix themselves in with great controversies.

These men bring forward tremendously interesting facts not to be ignored, but make very controversial claims.

1) Alex Jones, inforwars dot com .

2) David Icke, Ickonic dot com .  (  )

3) Dr Andrew Kaufman MD.  Dr Kaufman MD produces a lot of interesting facts but his eventual conclusions are contrary to many of the conclusions of modern science,




1) Kevin W. McCairn Ph.D.  (  )

2) Frank Visser )





David Icke :

There is no doubt that  David Icke showed his best ever qualities as a journalist (perhaps helped by his family and team) in bringing to light many very interesting things to research about Covid-19. He got a very big audience, then was caustic in the extreme about the people who run Youtube. I thought at the time anyone being that nasty would be deleted. So at the height of his popularity, with issues he raised teetering on the brink of confirmation or refutation, he seemed to perfectly time provoking his deletion last of all from Youtube. I wanted to hear more so I went to his website Ickonic and found he wanted £100 for me to get complete access for only one year. For the first time I became cynical about his research. I realised if all 300,000 of his video hits had generated a £100 response to keep hearing more he would make £30,000,000 in one day. I think that is called "crying all the way to the bank" in show business, though of course in reality many people like me keen to here the resolution of the issues probably thought he was "pricing himself out of the market" so never joined.

David Icke mixes the teachings of Dr. Andrew Kaufman with the idea described in the Paper "Manufactured Pandemic" to justify the belief that Covi-19 does not really exist, or the pathogen SARS-CoV-2. One so called logical justification is if a virus kills it host it is counter productive for the virus (as if a virus has intelligence). The big flaw in Icke's belief is that it is open to complete refutation, and the tough question "What are so many people dying of then?" The thing I cannot understand is that neither I never heard either Icke or Kaufman include the fact that the demise of the effectiveness of antibiotics is bound to result in huge numbers of people dying of long drawn out respiratory illnesses like  pneumonia, for which there is proof in the bacterial infection rates. But Icke thinks 5G is partly causing the illnesses.


Info Wars :

Bill Gates :

The links between Bill Gates and the 666 System are strong. But is he the Beast (also called the antichrist by some) or if not then the false prophet? If you make a complete commitment to him being the antichrist and he dies it would be more than a bit of a problem. When seizing power Stalin had Trotsky killed and Hitler had Ernst Röhm the SA leader killed. What if the real antichrist likes the world domination ideas of Bill Gates, and does away with Bill Gates as Covid-19 victim, and then hijacks the idea to turn the leader of WHO into a dictator? It is not good to put all your eggs into one basket. That is why the bible says "the man of sin" will be quote "revealed in his time".

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