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My Own Analysis.


THE BIG PICTURE : (under construction)


                                                  ESSAY: COVID-19 CRISIS .

History :

The HIV and AIDS Drugs rip-off theory.

There is a belief the HIV virus started because the Koprowski Polio Vaccine in Africa, because one of Koprowski's staff started using chimp kidneys instead of in the vaccine instead of monkey kidneys, and, as chimps are far nearer to humans in their DNA genome map, the monkey HIV virus jumped to humans, morphing into the human HIV retrovirus. This theory is not proven. A scientist who tried to substantiate it died (or was murdered?) of Malaria in the process. Three things significant to the corrupt history of vaccines emerged that in themselves should give us all the right to refuse a vaccine: 

1) Black children seem to be deliberately targeted to use on first, in a racist fashion. 

2) All 3 of the polio vaccines created created first by Salk, then Koprowski, then Sabin, were corrupted with viruses (some say the vaccine in Koprowski described as "Virus-X" by Sabin was the creation of HIV.

3) The continual use of various animal parts and other things added to vaccines is controversial. For a start such animal materials could have viruses in them.

Kary Mullis, ironically the inventor of PCR technology. began researching the link between HIV and AIDS and found that there was none. He stated that no retrovirus (not virus -retrovirus) had ever been shown to cause disease. His conclusion was that the HIV drugs used at that time were what was killing many patients, as they amounted to chemotherapy that never ends, when chemo must usually only be used short term. He was in the process of exposing and proving the biggest medical drugs rip off in the whole of human history when he suddenly died (or was murdered probably). The situation is now the same, big drug companies making multibillions from the same rip off, except now their drugs are far less caustic, and can even do some good, as it does not matter if the drugs are just water, they will always "work" as the patient will never develop AIDS as HIV does not cause it.

Covid-19 Tests / Vaccines rip-off theory :

Multinational drug company owners therefore realised that if you have a relatively harmless retrovirus like HIV (or even no disease at all) they can make trillions of dollars by exaggerating its dangers, then giving us "cures" for it, including vaccines or one universal vaccine. This is proven, not by Dr Andrew Kauffman going one step further than Kary Mullis and saying viruses (not a retrovirus - a virus) does not cause disease, and drawing everyone into a mega controversial debate that attacks all the principles of modern science concerning infectious disease, which in effect serves are a red herring that would serve multinational drug companies very well (when the smoke eventually clears). It is rather proven by simple facts like this.... How can our Governments claim that their scientists/medics are about to walk away and invent a vaccine to cure Covid-19, which is a coronavirus, when they cannot cure the common cold, with a vaccine, which is also a coronavirus? It is illogical, as coronaviruses like the common cold morph too quickly to invent a vaccine that effectively treats it. It seems clear there are therefore 3 clear motivations here:


1) A nightmare scenario like Covid-19 increases vastly the political power of politicians (as we have just seen by all being put under house arrest). So much so it creates the situation not only where dictators can arise in various countries, but one over all dictator.

2) The biggest international medical/pharmaceutical rip-off in history is just about to start over Covid-19, based on lessons they learnt from the HIV drugs rip-off, selling various tests and vaccines and forcing them on people (as many people are so suspicious of what is happening they don't want any vaccine or test). I find it strange no one ever talks of the cost of each test kit or proposed vaccination. 8.5 billion multiplied by what price each test/vaccine = what eventual cost? It is guaranteed to be the biggest rip-off in the whole of human history, that has such contempt for the human race they are ripping off the next step of "world take over" leading to tyrannical rule is even more plausible.

3) The "cure" called a vaccine could also hold deliberate hidden dangers of many types which people are alert to the possibilities of. This includes tracking people.

The knowledge Vacuum :

The medical authorities have failed to empower the public with knowledge, and prove in a logical step by step process all the relevant things about the Covid-19, in effect creating a knowledge vacuum that needs filling.

David Icke cynically jumped into that vacuum quickly and opportunistically to misinform people, using truths and bunk mixed together, and in the process of getting himself "banned" has probably timed provoking a ban to perfection and made a lot of money out of it (he chsarges £100 a year for full access to his site).

Truth extraction :

Because the Governments scientist and medics, and most of the famous well known critics of them, are both misinforming the general public, we are assigned the difficult task of extracting the real truth, the real "Big Picture" of what is going on. But if we eventually extract that truth to see a genuine timeline of relevant facts and see what is really happening we still have a BIG problem, and that is TWO GIANT SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT by now exist with MASSIVE FOLLOWINGS, the standardised Government type school of thought, and the complicated maze of famous rebels (like Icke, Alex Jones and Andrew Kaufman) and these giant audiences will probably have little time or interest obsessed as they are with either the standard or rebel view, to want to see more moderate sensible analysis that has rightly extracted facts from both sides and put them together. Nevertheless we must battle on to understand the real situation and put it out there.


Intelligent general public :

Begin to see through the corruption and inaccuracy of the Covid-19 statistics.

Causes :

Just before the Covid-19 crisis started the BBC stated on Radio 4 that medics were warning us that "The Age of Modern Medicine" may be drawing to a close because of the drop in the  effectiveness of God given antibiotics. This I contend is one of the big reasons we are seeing a sudden growth in the number of long, drawn out, painful deaths from respiratory disease.


In the BBC documentary "The Power of Nightmares" we were shown that modern politicians have discovered that their political powers are vastly increased if they can convince us they are protecting us from nightmares like Al Qaeda, and part of that vastly increased power was that they alone knew the information to guard us. If you replace the words al qaeda with Covid-19 we get the exact same situation, a massive increase in political power, but in this case with vastly increased power. To grasp and maintain that power to its fullest potential the the world governments and their medics do not always want to see a highly educated general public who are also well informed on the subject of Covid-19. The more ignorant we remain the more powerful they become. 

From the start a proper scientific, logical process has not been followed with Covid-19. We should see them produce images of it, and map its entire genome  Koch's or River's Postulates should be fulfilled, to prove it is an infectious disease in the first place. When testing we should be told how it works, if it really is accurate, and all reasonable questions should be answered. If a diagnosis of or death from Covid-19 occurs we should know the science behind how it was achieved, all the science, so we can be sure of it. And the biggest reason this must happen is that the statistics we now have are being used to justify lockdowns in Third World countries that will starve literally tens of millions of innocent women, children and babies.


Concerning an electron microscope type photo of the Covid-19 virus apparently it looks entirely identical, visually, to a human cell called an exosome. Indeed Dr Andrew Kaufman quotes James Hildreth MD as saying ".... the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word." So are we told by scientists if a human exosome has a similar RNA map? No. They do not address fundamental issues and educate the public on first principles. They then say the public are ignorant when in fact they are bad teachers.... or could it be that the whole globalist agenda of taking over our lives in the style of "The Power of Nightmares" demands the public are kept uninformed so politicians and their medical advisers are the only people "in the know"? Dr Andrew Kaufman MD says he believes Covid-19 pathogens are just exosomes. It is quite easy to resolve this. The Canadian Science Team say they isolated Covid-19 and mapped its RNA (I think there are 30.000 nucleotides).. Simply compare Exosome RNA to it and see if it is the same. If so Covid-19 is busted.


Instead of following a transparent due process of proving Covid-19 or its virus fulfilled Koch's or River's Postulates in order to prove it is an infectious disease, we had to surf online desperately trying to find proof of it, eventually finding that China had supposedly proved the pathogen SARS-CoV-2 had fulfilled River's postulates.

Paper from China "proving" River's Postulates?

Trouble is who in their right mind thinks statistics from China can be trusted, or that a science paper from there is definitely scientific at the moment? The population are mostly puppets. It would not surprise me if every photo in a science paper from China "proving" Covid-19 passed River's Postulates was from an old encyclopaedia. This should have all been clearly established and easily conveyed to the public. But it was not, Logical scientific process was not followed. Then the public are blamed for doing "poor research" when it was a poor performance by the medics advising the government who should be empowering us with knowledge. Instead they seem to want to disempower us on these basics, as it is in the basics they failed us, most especially of all in the "Quick Fix" PCR Test, being called The Mickey Mouse Test by people like David Icke (who have I think gone too far in interpreting the "Manufactured Pandemic" article, as it if was saying Covid-19 doesn't really exist, when all it was saying is it never had to exist to make it look like we had a [pandemic).

Correct scientific process must be followed. It's an off piste question to ask "Well why are all these deaths happening then?" if you are simply trying to stick to the science of proving Cov-19 is an infectious disease and insisting that is done. It is not denying it will be proven to be one. 

It is therefore of supreme importance all the statistics are right, and we are all free to challenge those statistics. However even if the bogus statistics we have been given were right, why is it the right plan to ruin the world economy, and starve to death vastly higher numbers of little babies and children, in tens of millions, in order to elongate the lives of elderly and very sick people in far fewer numbers? It makes no sense at all.

The evidence as I see it seems to show that we have all been lied to from the beginning, and obnoxiously patronised. Doctors and scientists did not want to embarrass their professions by admitting from the start that they never even had a test for this new disease Covid-19, or its underlying pathogen SARS-CoV-2. So they decided to sell us all the lie they had an accurate test, and the public they believed would never be perceptive enough to expose their lies. We would all feel comforted, they thought, modern medicine and science was from the very start "in control". 

The trouble is the bible predicts that the general public are highly educated at the End of the Age. Daniel says "Many will run to and fro and knowledge will be increased". It started to emerge the PCR Test they were using was inaccurate, and never showed viral load. If such was the truth the public would lose confidence in the medical profession and coroners and top government medical advisers. Worse scientists and medics were sitting on the fence in huge numbers, and not speaking out on behalf of those who would starve  to death because of ill conceived lockdowns.

Free Speech Vanishes .

One clever way to hide all the facts, and put down those who started to win the information war, was to attack science papers that never followed due process of science, and then act as if this disproved the entire idea statistics could be false. But they had proved nothing of the sort.


For the first time in many years we have started to see a massive attack on the freedom of speech. Videos are now deleted instead of debunked.  They are starting the slow process of turning the Western World into another China.   

Then on the news "died of Covid-19" suddenly became "died with Covid-19" or an even worse cover-up of their bogus statistics "died with coronavirus" which means almost nothing, they neither died of Covid-19 or had it with that last example, but the general public are fed the false stats.


No win :

Sorry but I really feel as a Christian I must unashamedly emphasise it is possible the antichrist is behind all this. We can be put in a "no win situation" or a Catch-22. If the statistics are overestimated one of 2 things happens:

1) Christians don't expose the false statistics so their plan rolls on to make us live under a tyranny goes on unopposed. 

2) We battle and win the fight to show the stats are wrong, to save innocent women and children from starving, so then an even stronger strain of Covid-19 is released to "prove" us "wrong". 

If someone is that evil it really can be no win, as the unbelievers in the world would not recognize an evil force could do that behind the scenes.

A comparison with HIV+  .

HIV depletes a person's immune system. According to a Father's For Life Article at least 50% of active homosexual men by the time they die are HIV+ (probably a far higher % now). But when they die these HIV+ men are not put down as a HIV+ death. So if someone has Covid-19 detected in them in low viral load why put them down as a Covod-19 death? It makes no sense, unless of course the whole objective is to make the virus look more deadly than it really is. The fact is the tests are so ineffective at identifying Covid-19 and its viral load they can fetch and carry death rates from other illnesses at will into the statistics, lowering or making higher the death rate as they so please, or to any agenda globalists might have.


Death rates :

There is also the subject that actual death rates this year hardly exceed last year. Those saying the statistics are being fiddled, by siphoning stats from influenza and pneumonia into Covid-19 (and many more bizarre deaths hardly connected) is proven by the decline in pneumonia and flu deaths this year. The repost to this seems to me like a sophism made by heartless cynical people trying to justify Nazi style lockdowns That is.... "The flu deaths and pneumonia deaths went down because the lockdown worked on them too." Such a clever way to keep justifying the ruination and deaths the lockdowns cause. Take your pick. Which is right? Or is there a bit of truth in both? But to what percentages?

Most people hardly suffer symptoms :

The origin of Covid-19 .

Did Bill Gates manufacture Covid-19?......

The bible does seem to predict a 200,000,000 man attack by the "kings of the East" and the end of the Age. Many think however that was fulfilled by Genghis Khan and the Mongol empire afterwards (plural kings). It does seem to fit almost exactly. So could China be using illness to weaken the European economy (and thus its defences) to prepare an attack? The lab it was supposed to escape from in China, remember, like all these virus labs around the world, exist partly to study biowarfare. 

Lockdowns :

Almost all the pet poodles of the various Governments around the world, toe-the-line of the blind medical experts advising presidents and prime ministers and other around the world, when it is those same medical "experts" who never saw this crisis coming when it was their job, and never prepared for it. Here is the Nazi style solution of the medical experts around the world advising our Governments: Here is "The Plan"

"In order to elongate the lives of several hundred thousand elderly and sick people around the world, we should

1) Do lockdowns all over the world.

And in so doing :

2) Starve to death tens of millions of innocent women, children and babies, babies and children who never even had a life yet, whose lives are ended in utter agony.

3) Probably cause over 1 million suicides from collapsed businesses and extreme poverty.

4) Devastate the World Economy, making everyone poorer, and the west less able to have strong armies, stop us feeding the poor and helping the Third World, cause homelessness and more refugees.

5) Ruin our day to day lives.

6) Massively increase politicians powers wherein they can become like dictators.

Can they prove Covid-19 is contagious?

Is Covid-19 really that harmful?  

The vaccinations "saves" us ?

The biggest  conspiracy theory here is perhaps the nanotechnology put inside a vaccine. But maybe by worse is that the Catholics accused Bill Gates of trying to covertly sterilize women with an anti tetanus vaccine, and as his father was into eugenics, and as Bill Gates seems motivated to depopulate the Earth, he might develop a vaccine that looks ok but has a hidden "problem" that kills of billions.

5G Dangers ;

I have not seen a link between 5G and illness yet that is proven. The reason I do not like 5G is because it can be used to turn drones into terror weapons that can dominate humanity used in a tyranny based on infectious disease. 5G is also worryingly narer us than distant cell towers. The inability to criticize 5G is so extraordinarily extreme it makes me think it is some sort of linchpin to support something basic in a new world order threat. Its one of the biggest examples of how freedom of speech is ending and we are starting to slide down the slippery slope of becoming another China. 

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