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(this whole section is complex and under construction)

I want to make it plain that - if the RT-PCR Test does not show viral load, the whole thing is largely a waste of time. There seems to be massive evidence it does NOT show viral load .

Normally I do not delve into science subjects, but as millions of innocent babies and children are about to be starved to death, by using what I consider inaccurate statistics, I feel I must analyse those statistics as best I can, that is to expose as very inaccurate the first 1-3 million stats on Covid-19 infection rates and deaths.

For the first time I have ever seen a clear idea for how the Beast (or the AntiChrist) and the False Prophet predicted in Revelation could try to take over the world, and lead them into the war of Armageddon has emerged concerning the coronavirus. I have therefore added this section to my website in order to analyse issues concerning it.

1) "Manufactured Pandemic" article. At first this article did a lot of good because it raised awareness that the PCR Tests were inaccurate, and statistics can be manipulated. But because the article was anonymous and lacked verification links, these flaws are now being cynically used to block anyone proving tests are inaccurate.

2) Article by Flora Teoh, that supposedly refutes the "Manufactured Pandemic" paper's attempt to show that the PCR Tests used on the first 1-3 million people in the Covid-19 statistics do not specify Covid-19 and do not indicate viral load. 

3) Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD as I understand his comments

4) The Main Players :

5) My own analysis:

6) Questions about Covid-19 :

7) Vaccines :

9) R-T PCR Tests info :


10) RT-PCR Test Article - wiki :

11) RT-PCR Test faults - LINKS :

12) Ten common RT-PCR Test mistakes .

13) The Essential PCR Troubleshooting Checklist .

14) Reasons the RT-PCR Test results are bogus:

15) The Effect of Lockdowns .

16) Bent coroners .

17) About me .

18) Are Coronavirus Tests Accurate?  By Karina Lichtenstein  

19) Facebook comments

20)  article:  Questioning the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis: 30 Years of Dissent.  by Patricia Goodson1,*


Figure—A graphic by the U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute showing how PCR works.

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