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Coronavirus Facebook Comments

1) cycles - What if the "success" of South Korea at combating the virus is that they are running the RT-PCR Tests at the recommended 35 Cycles, and taking the swab at the back of the throat - the place now known to get the most negative results. Whereas western countries are getting more positive results because they are running the tests at 45 Cycles (proven by their target being 35 Trillion replications) and are taking the swabs from the mouth, known to give more positive results?


2) financial incentives - And as Kim Woo-joo said South Korea made a big financial investment in the Tests and they have financial motivations.


3)  human rights gone - Meantime the "solution" to Covid-19 is now supposed to be the Government smash their way into peoples homes like Nazis and carry them away by force, and the multi national drug companies keep making Trillions of dollars forever from Tests that cost £100 each?

4) leper nations "Leper nations" and "Clean nations" - the biggest multinational rip off of all time.

5) cycles - At how many cycles is the RT-PCR Test run in South Korea? Or in Sweden. Do you know? If 35 cycles in S. Korea, and 45 in Sweden, that alone could account for a large number of positive versus minus cases. So could how many times a patient was tested, as the more times you test at 45 Cycles the more times you are likely to get a false + from the "background noise" of the sample. If in S. Korea they take swabs at the back of the throat that is also the most unlikely place to get a positive result. The fact is these Tests are so unreliable they cannot be trusted, but Bill Gates is buying the press and Media world wide into silence, and Kim Woo-joo admitted in an interview with Asian Boss that S. Korea has a massive financial investment in testing. The Tests cost about £100 a time, and that might not include the collection, transport and storage (in which phases the tests samples can also be corrupted).

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