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PLAN 1 - Trust Jesus, provide nothing.

Some people think the best plan is to provide nothing, and trust Jesus only. So this means:

1) Keep no survival gear or gadgets

2) Keep no tents, caravans etc

3) Hide or hoard no foodor drink

4) Hide no clothing, buy no special clothing

5) Keep no sleeping bags etc


PLAN 2 - "The Food and Clothing Plan". 

"And having food and raiment let us be therewith content." 1 Timothy 6:8

The plan to keep and provide for only food and clothing is based on 1 Timothy 6:8, except that some people translate that the Greek word for clothing might be interpreted "covering" so that it might imply providing not only clothes, but tents, tarpaulins and sleeping bags. The FIRST priority in certain survival situations is shelter, as you can die in less than an hour in bad weather, but it takes days to die of thirst and weeks to die of hunger.

It is remarkable how much less vulnerable you are with a good supply of food and clothes to wear. In the documentary series "Alone in the Wild" a man stranded himself alone in the Canadian wilderness with a tarp, good clothes, but had to trap, scavange and fish for food. If he had hidden lots of food there his only real concerns would have been lonliness (that shattered him after a while, almost driving him mad) and his need to watch out for predators like bears.


I have invented the word "Squirreling" for one simple plan to help you to do this plan. A squirrel hides food in a lot of different places to survive the winter. A hamster has the same plan, but puts all his food in one place, namely where he hibernates. If you put all you food in one place you lose it all if it is dicovered. The squirreling plan means it is easy to hide food here and here, and it does not all go if it is found.


One example of squirreling is to take a cheap plastic box, that you can seal with tape, and fill it with food, and perhaps a few new handkerchieves and water purification tablets, to help strain and clean water if needed (to hydrate the food). In this small box you might put a bag of rice, a bag of pasta, canned meat, canned fruit, etc, and some ready to eat things in case you are famished when you arrive and open the box. Tea, coffee and other drinks boost moral, and today they can come ready supplied in sachets with dried milk. Such a box could be buried or hidden, and as long as you keep track of these boxes, like a squirrel can, your efforts will be very useful.


PLAN 3 - The Full Survival Plan.

To do a full survival plan, it is good to have foreknowledge of the situation you plan to survive. God seems to be saying the timescale to survive is a 7 year period. I think this period may be split in two halves:

1) NO DEATH PENALTY for 3 and 1/2 Years

If I am correct, when the 666 marking system first appears, it does not come with a death penalty for not taking it. At this time Christians (and others) who do not take the mark, may be forced eventually in some places from their homes, and might gather together in communities. Society will become tired of this, and the antichrist will then bring out the death penalty for not submitting. This might allow us to scavange in general society.

2) THE DEATH PENALTY ARRIVES for 3 and 1/2 years

When the death penalty arrives, you will have left society before it happens this time to hide from everyone. Even skilled survvalist will need the help of God to do this. To lay up enough food, drink, clothes, bedding, hygiene, medical supplies etc is a tough call.


What if the death penalty is immediately associated with the 666 mark? Or what if people are forced into World War II style ghettos, where they can be kept track of (so there is no freedom to just escape at the right time)? I am not giving a prophecy when I say I suspect at first the 666 mark may not come with a death penalty threat, its just an informed guess. Then you might have to escape into the wilderness immediately.



God has provided many places in the world that are inhabited by very few people, but such places are not empty for no reason. Staying in such places has many difficulties. Some places have certain advantages as well as downsides. The strong sun in desert places can be used for instance to generate charge for devices such as laptops, to play movies and computer games, and to charge lighters.









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