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Why will God allow Christians to be murdered? 

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Photo: Alex Jones proves he is still alive with a recent newspaper, before going back into hiding.

Best case scenario?

Once in an old Early Rapture film  (I believe the Rapture is late not early) there was a character who had dug an underground shelter, where he managed to stay completely hidden, and lived in relative comfort. Even drones would be hard pressed to find you there, or see a heat profile from the air. I want you to imagine a best case scenario, at least the way some people think of it - tens of millions of Evangelical Christians managed to do that. They go out into the wilderness and successfully hide. No one ever hears from them again. They all make it through to the Rapture. Does that sound the perfect End Time scenario?

If all Christians did manage to hide without detection, to the rest of the population of the planet it would be as if they were all dead. Beside prayer they have no effect on the world. In terms of eternity (and seeing more people saved) it is not very effective.

There are two exceptions that immediately spring to mind.

1) One is Christians preaching the gospel, or witnessing to people, then returning to hide (very dangerous).

2) A person uploads a video or photo to the internet, that proves they are still alive, and sharing the gospel perhaps as well. This might be done by the usual presentation of proof - holding up a recent newspaper in the video which would totally prove you are still alive and on course to be Raptured alive! (very dangerous).

As stated these things are very dangerous to do. On the UK TV series "Hunted" on Channel 4 TV, it was usually after trying to use a techy device like a phone that people were immediately captured. But it would also be incredibly daring if a person could pull it off. Frankly that is exactly the kind of daring thing Alex Jones might try to do. You have to admire him for that kind of boldness. 

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photo: from "A Thief in the Night 4" 16:50, An old man has built a secret underground room to evade the 666 System.  "A Thief in the Night" and "A Distant Thunder" are two over several old movies dealing with the idea of the Early Rapture, as does the Jack Chick Crusader comic called "Chaos!". As a young believer I fell for the Early Rapture idea. Now I feel 100% sure the doctrine of an early Rapture is for over optimists who want to imagine they will not be persecuted.  

The way it will really happen?

The bible says this....

And they overcame him:

1) by the blood of the Lamb,

2) and by the word of their testimony;

3) and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Alex Jones with a newspaper.

Jews leaping walls












What happened to the presentation of evidence that the USA has bought mobile guillotines to behead people?

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