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Here I wish to talk about some of the best gear you can buy for survival. Studying survivalism is a pass time of mine, I am not an expert, so bear this in mind when I talk about what I think is the best gear, double check if you agree, and make your own decision.



A poncho is very useful for survival, as it can be used to make a shelter, as well as to protect yourself from rain, cold and wind. But one poncho I have found, the Swiss Army one, is particularly useful, as it allows you to sit down in a thunderstorm on a seat or bench, and wait out the storm, completely dry. It allows you to sit down without getting wet as you sit on the long material, protects your knees and most of your legs, covers your head and body and keeps you dry. BUT there is more! It is like sittiing inside a kind of floppy tent, and you could easily use your mobile phone or iPod looking down inside it, playing computer games, using applications, or texting with people on Facebook (if online) to wait out the storm. Well known survivalist give it a top rating. But wearing it in the tropics might be more than a bit clammy because of the bad humidity there.

This poncho can presently be bought on Ebay in England for about £12 (inclding postage) a quite staggering bargain! 

You may prefer to buy a more expensive poncho, like the "Snugpak Enhanced Patrol Poncho." 


Swiss Camo Wet Weather Poncho Review - The Outdoor Gear Review


Snugpak Enhanced Patrol Poncho Review




There are many videos on YouTube about the UK Hammocks hammock chair. the EDC hammock, and the jungle chair. I recommend studying the gear on their website, it is very high quality and good value. 


I bought 10 of these EDC Hammocks, and packed them into the small GEOCACHE/STOW BAGS




This hammock chair is one of the best survival items I have ever seen, and I highly recommend buying one, or several if you have a family. The entire point of my posts about survival is that by planning ahead you can have much more comfort, if Christians are made outcasts in society. 


This chair can be bought for £12, however a similar chair called the EDC Hammock can be bought from their website for £3 extra, that is £15, which can be used as a chair, or a hammock (especially for smaller people) and also for storing your gear off the ground away from insects etc getting into you kit. The zip makes it better for storing gear, and can help keep mosquitos away.


Survivalist rave about this product, it is so comfortable, and versatile, and inexpensive, light weigh and strong. A must buy in my opinion for your kit. It needs a stuff sack however. 


EDC Hammock 






When it is cold weather and you are trapped outside in the freezing cold, people often wrap up the upper part of their body, but fail to keep their legs warm, These army trousers are like having sleeping bags attached to your legs, under or over trousers, depending on the type and fit. Very warm and soft, a great survival item, priced usually between £2o and £10 (depending on condition) and having their own stuff bag. 

unfortunately they are usually only found in medium size on Ebay.

Top 10 List (not necessarily in order)

under construction

1) Good clothes for the terrain (include a poncho). 

2) Tent & (or) Tarp or Bivvy (caravan is better!)

3) Sleeping bag & mat

4) Sawyer Water Filter & Water containers

5) Flint and steel (matches, lighter, tinder).

6) Survival Tin.

7) First Aid kit & necessary meds.

8) Hygiene & washing - soap, towel, flannel,

9) Food items.

10) Good rucksack.

11) Navigation, good compass and map/phone apps. 

12) Rescue - phone, signalling mirror, flare, whistle.  

13) The bug out cart. (can make you x10 more likely to survive!)

        These are quite amazing and if you have a cart you can push, pull (or better both) you can traverse terrain you cannot visit in a vehicle. The problem is mostly that the wheels of most trolleys are just built for ambling around in a city. You might need to improvise as some of these trekkers successfully did.


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