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                    Full list of 200

       Eastern Orthodox heresies.

                         in brief.



TOP 10.


1) They deny the Holy Trinity -  Theosis adds to the Trinity.


2) A false gospel by which we are saved.


3) A fake bible . 


4) Apostolic Succession 1 - (hand-me-down power)


5) That Orthodoxy is a church .


​6) That the Orthodox Church is Infallible .  


​​​7) The Titular Head - the Orthodox Pope . 


8) They deny literal Everlasting Hell fire .  


9) Murder and violence. They believe in killing in wars. Yet pretend to be pacifist 


10) Traditions of men . 

***) Heretical view of Christ concerning "Begotten" ?

TOP 20 . The 10 Abominations of Mariolatry . 


11) Mary gives grace to believers for salvation. .Co-Redemptrix

(see "Proofs they preach a false gospel")


12) Mary is a mediator between God and man. Mediatrix


13) They Pray to Mary 


14) They say Mary can hear millions of prayers and answer them


15) The Dormition of Mary.


16) Theotokos = Mother of God to many .


17) They make icons of Mary


18) Mary never had "original sin", and was sinless.


19) The perpetual virginity of Mary


20) That Mary is the Queen of Heaven

TOP 30:


21) The Orthodox Church is nothing like the original church .  


​​22) Ridden with religious rites and rituals .  


23) The Orthodox Liturgy - 


24) Heathen Calendars are part of the Faith (worse than Catholics on this):


​25) Shrines (at home)


​26) Icons, and other idols (yes this includes high relief and statues) . 


27) Idolizing or worshipping of the Nicene Creed : 


28) They have a sacreligious attitude toward the Holy Ghost.


29) SCHISMS - massive number of divisions and even sects (repeated) 

       TOP 100 Schisms .


30) They deny Sola Scriptura . 


Part 1:

31) Salvation by Works .  ( salvation )


32) A  2nd Priesthood offering up physical sacrifices :  

      (see also 48) Sacerdotalism  144) Nicolaitanism )


33) That Calvary achieved the resurrection (he conquered death by entering it)


34) That mankind was reconciled in the hypostatic union (thus not Calvary)


​​35) That salvation is found only in Orthodoxy : 

36) Metousiosis - or "holy cannibalism" . 

37) Chrismation 


38) Triple Baptism .  (and that of infants)


​39) Born Again - heretical definition . 

40) They are (therefore) not part of the new and better covenant .


Part 2:


​​41) Priests forgive sins .


42) Penances 


​​43) Child confession to priests . (child)


44) Exorcism - a ceremony in with the Chrismation and Triple Baptism ceremonies (so for a Protestant to start his trek of "the process of salvation" he must begin with having "the devil cast out of him" and renounce the Reformation too.


​45) Epiklesis 


46) Catechumen (differs from Catholicism)


​47)  GRACE the meaning changed : (& "believe in" changed)


48) Sacerdotalism The multiplying of sacraments . 


49) Apostolic Succession 2 (that salvation hand-me-down powers are passed on in a forged line of succession) 


50) They deny the imputation of the righteousness of Christ to the believer, and the concept of "The Lord our righteousness." 




51) Repentance "saves"


52) Deflection away from the Gospel = They divert the topic to "substitute sacrifice" and "ransom sacrifice" etc (not the actual Protestant Gospel) 


53) Superfluous doctrines for salvation.


54) Salvation by sin :  


​55) Theosis 2 (part of a process salvation)


56) Ethereal Toll Houses & salvation . 


57) Ancestral sin - the heresy of semi-pelagianism . 


58) The Divine Liturgy .  ( the sacerdotal aspect )


59) Their clergy are witches - include Top 3 witches in the world according to Orthodoxy?


60) Two gospels save. -


61) Praying for the dead .


​62) The dead can pray for you!


​63) Praying to the dead 


​64) Ordination, (linked to, but not the same as, Apostolic succession, that is for you to be saved witches must be ordained to top-you-up on salvation with hocus-pocus ceremonies)


​​65) Hesychasm -  


66​​) Aerial Toll House prayers -  (that is praying on Earth for those in the Toll Houses)


​67) All saints day  (Halloween)


​68) The Communion of Saints .


​69) The Repose of souls of the dead .


​70) The Orthodox Prayer of Absolution (also for the Dying)


TOP 80:   10 proofs that Eastern Orthodoxy is a Sex Cult.

71) They commit Adultery by misinterpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as including post marital adultery and "thus" a supposedly legitimate reason to divorce and remarry


72) They commit Adultery by the rule of "economy" (oikonomia): 


​73) Adultery by "He causes her to commit adultery".


74) No marriage vows -


​75) Adultery justified under Antinomianism ,


76) That Marriage is a sacrament.


​77) Invested Authority to marry a couple:


​78) They do not properly teach to keep virginity before marriage.


79) Celibacy of the clergy: (this is actually very serious error)


80) Banning women from the entire Mount Athos Peninsula  - sexism.

80 a) Giving your daughter in marriage without choice on her part. No emancipation for over 1,000 years is a serious point to prove Orthodoxy false. However at the present time I cannot prove they did "give their daughters in marriage" in a way similar to the Muslims.

80 b) RESEARCH - did the Orthodox ever execute adulterers? Henry VIII and Calvin believed in doing this, never grasping John 8:7.

80 c) Unbiblical annulments of marriages (like Catholicism) ?

80 d) Marrying unbelievers (see link).

80 e) Baby or child engagement / marriage.

TOP 90 : (Other distinctly Orthodox) .


81)  Grave desecration & Funeral extortion racket . 


​82)  No belief in mortal sin (works of the flesh) : 


83)  Filioque issues : including as an extraneous baptismal requirement.


​84)  Long haired / bearded priests (Gurus not Christians) 


​85)  The Jesus Prayer ​- Vain repetitions in prayer . 


​86)  Exorcisms of babies : (child)


​87)  No singing or music, chanting only, no sitting down . 


88)  The Miracle of Holy Fire . 


89)  The prayer rope .


90)  The descent into Hell of Christ, ( and Harrowing of Hell Doctrines )

TOP 100:  Contentious Issues:

91) Canonization in Orthodoxy is called "Glorification to sainthood"


92) Mortification:


93) Renunciation of Errors (in Baptism / Chrismation ceremonies) 


94) ​Oversimplification of the character of God: (God is love = no Hell etc)


95) 40 Day "Churching" of a baby 


96) Economia (Economy) - discretionary deviation from the letter of the law


97) Symphonia heresy - when their fake church sees it as practical to compromise with the state in order to survive / thrive by sinning.


98) The Pope "a bishop".


99) Graded churches in authority.


100) The Three hierarchs (three heretics actually)


TOP 110

​101) They kept the bible from the people for over 1,000 years - 


102) Their False definition of heresy - 


​​103) Ecumenical


​104) Holy Orders .


​​105) Call no man father . 


​106) ​Prostration, and bowing . 


​107) ​Anathema ceremonies .


108) Prayer Books . 


109) The Cycle of Prayer (daily, and yearly) 


​​110) A Personal relationship Mary and saints (spiritism)

TOP 120.   Churchianity


​111) Giving toddlers alcohol.  (child)


​112) Calendarization of lifestyle - The liturgical year


​113) Uniforms, -  crowns, mitres etc


​114) Sycophancy to political figures, kings and queens.


115) Fasting before men .


​116) Many Extraneous baptismal requirements / doctrines .


​117) Godparent indoctrinators . (child)


118) False Christs - They say they "become a Christ" in Chrismation! 


​119) False new identity.  (child)


120) Holy water power. x

TOP 130.


121) Not throwing away salvation is earning it.


​​122) Indoctrination of children . (child)


​123) Denial of the true church in hiding - (that the church must always be big and visible - this is related to Apostolic Succession)


124) Deliberately Clouding of "The Weightier matters of the Law" .


​125) Spiritual Whoredom - 


​126) ​Unbiblical excommunications: eg Council of Ephesus 430 Canon 6 decreed deposition from clerical office or excommunication for those who did not accept the Council's decrees.


​127) Forgeries & Forging History (see last sections of TOP 10)


​128) Infiltrated by the KGB / FSB / FSS - and they believe still is by the FSB (Putin's equivalent).


​129) Mysticism


​130) Liturgy and restriction of languages - (Liturgy)


TOP 140. various (authority issues).


131) Orthodoxy is the most oxymoronic faith in the world - 


132) The Heresy of swearing oaths . ​​


133) Ruled over by Pharisees . 


​​134) Tribalism.  


​​135) Incense thuribles 


​​136) Fake miracles - holy fire is just one


​​137) Bogus hierarchy / pyramid system


138) Orthodox false prophets ​(Pseudo-Pentecostalism) .


​​139) Usurpers of Christ.


​​140) Their version of the Talmud . The corporate Traditions, rituals, inventions of men.

​​139) Some are Universalists! ( called Apokatastasis by them)   

TOP 150:

141) The 7 Sins of Rome (Rev 18:1-24):


​142) The Orthodox Sanhedrin heresy - Judaism is based on the beliefs of Korah, that the 70 Sanhedrin and others had the same powers to create law as Moses. This heresy is repeated in Orthodoxy but with bishops and traditions that in effect become church law and so called "infallible".


143) Refusal to recognize the Holy Spirit is our primary teacher.


144) Nicolaitanism.


145) Religious Colonialism by land buying / grabbing.


​146) The Scarlet and Purple Heresy .


147) Churches being autocephalous and non autocephalous . 

Angel heresies: x3.


​148) That angels are superior in nature and intelligence to man .


​149) Unprovable Angelic order (tagmata)


​150) In the Orthodox worship, every Monday is dedicated to the angels.

TOP 160.   Church plus State Oppression.

151) Christendom:


152) Serfdom :


153) Churchianity 


​154) Crypto-converts: enforced pseudo conversion :


​​​​155) Visitation Forgiveness..


​​156) Orthodoxy is an Anachronistic Faith (see also Oxymoronic Faith)


​157) Ethno-Phyletism issues:


​158) Movable doctrines .


​159) "All your sins will be forgiven if you go out on The Crusade"  (repeat?)


160) The persecution. imprisonment, murder, torture and banishment of real Christians.  (also sin of Anti-Protestantism)

TOP 170.

​161) A cherry-picking form of The Judaizing heresy .


​162) They deny the character of the new covenant which is freedom .


163) They deny the Millennium Kingdom .


164) Candle lighting ,


165) Parasite Priests and Bishops - (repeat?)


166) Canon Law . The Canons of the Council of Nicea, and Nicene Creed (325) (and other Creeds) contain much heresy, yet are treated as if on a par with scripture.  


167) Cathedrals & church buildings .


168) Leavened Bread & alcoholic wine in the eucharist .


169) Nepsis linked with Catharsis


170) Forbidding to interpret and have doctrines on the Book of Revelation - 

TOP 180.


171) TOP 100 Fake Saints :


​172) Cremation destroys the soul. - The church tradition (and thus infallible) 


​173) Burial in consecrated ground. (a must)


​174) False man made burial rites of no importance .


175) Deny a burial - blasphemy, suicide, denial of their faith etc. 


176) The ovum of Mary must definitely have been used in Christ's conception


​177) Oxymorons over Dogma - the Orthodox oxymoronically say their only real dogmas are centered on the Creed (which has no gospel that saves) yet will as good as excommunicate anyone denying their myriad of traditions. or their stand on Filioque issues etc. 


​178) Female deacons (also nuns, abbesses etc,) 


​179) Mystification of doctrine


​180) The "laity" .

TOP 190.

​181) Monasteries and Nunneries


182) Mongrel Orthodoxy - eg Hank Hanegraaff 


​​183) Evolutionism is taught by many . 


184) Homosexuality is accepted by many as "biblical"  .

185) Very Low Corruption Perception Index .


186) ​​Highjacking theology - they quote things that utterly refute them as if  supporting them in order to deliberately confuse people.


187) Not clear enough on abortion .


188) Their Clergy are do-nothings. They help almost no one much at all.


189) They actively  suppress Evangelism. They breed converts instead of Evangelizing -  - the Orthodox "Christian" Putin has banned Evangelism in Russia (fined or imprisoned), and the Orthodox are glad as they breed converts.


190) Their clergy are liars. Especially about Protestant salvation theology.

TOP 200.

191) TOP 10 "Holy" Witchcraft - paraphernalia, gesticulations, incantations etc


192) TOP 10 -  "Real" Holy sites (Biblical but not identified)


193) TOP 10  "Fake" Holy Sites .(unbiblical as of human origin)


194) TOP 10  Relics of persons in the bible : 


195) TOP 10   Fake saints relics :


196) TOP 10  Bodies / body parts .

197​) TOP 10  Church artifacts:


198) TOP 10  Architecture - 


199) TOP 10  Uniforms 


200) TOP 10 General Artifact relics - (under construction)

TOP 210.


201) TOP 10 General Artifact relics - (under construction)


202) TOP 10 Sins Shared with (modern) Protestantism


​203) TOP 10  Monastic Deceptions.

204) Sabbath and Orthodoxy -

205) Nepotism , 

Revelation - The Orthodox religion is so clearly a daughter of the Whore of Babylon, orthodox clerics instruct their flock not to have interpretations of the book. Do you know os any Orthodox warning people not to take the 666 mark, or discussing what it is?

This list is written in brief. For more information scroll through the pages one at a time using the red arrows.

They will be reorganised into topics over time.....


(being compiled)

TOP 10.


     meaning: They have a different God = that is by this they deny the Holy Trinity by adding other beings into God, and even feminizing him in this "uniting". 

metaphors in the bible like "ye are gods" are precisely that, just similes. As Shakespeare said, "What a piece of work is a man!...... in action how like an angel! in apprehension how like a god!" We are not gods and will never unite into God. It is blasphemy to say so. The devil tempted Eve by saying "ye shall be as gods" and in Isaiah 14 Lucifer said he wanted to be God. The doctrine of Orthodoxy that man is deified is for those vain enough to believe it.

2) A false "gospel by which we are saved". A process of salvation or synergy. Even the part Jesus plays in their gospel is false, nowhere does it say for instance Jesus reconciled the world to God in the hypostatic union.

3) A fake bible:

4) Apostolic Succession

5) They are not part of the new covenant.

6) Metousiosis - or "holy cannibalism".

7) Chrismation.

8) Triple Baptism.

This subject actually has at least 10 errors or heresies. 

1) That belief is not required (bible = "believe and be baptized")

2) It is triple (to emphasise their priestcraft) singular in bible.

3) Baptism helps save (as part of a process of salvation). If it is not Jesus it does not save.

4) As they say the water in John 3:5 is baptism, and you cannot enter or see the kingdom of God without it, this act of priestcraft has a man involved in your actual salvation, a co-saviour.

5) You become a co-saviour by your obedience.

6) It makes you part of the church. 

important: this means all triple baptized babies in Eastern Orthodoxy are considered full members of the church (through the work of a man) but in Roman Catholicism everyone (not just adult proselytes) go through confirmation before being considered "full" church members.

7) A plethora or rites and other bogus ceremonies are attached to the baptismal service (to emphasise bogus priestly powers)

8) With adults it only proceeds after a long indoctrination catechumen that amounts to an "exam".

9) It is connected in adults with a lot of superfluous beliefs, an oxymoronic fact if you baptize babies, So you have two extremes, a baby need to believe nothing at all, and a catechumen needs to believe a plethora of extraneous doctrines "to make sure he is orthodoxized"!  

10) Connected to the man made rite of Chrismation.

11) You cannot become born again without the priest.

9) They deny Everlasting Hell fire.

10) Mariolatry.

       They say Mary has the attributes of God.

       This leads to both the overt and the covert worship of Mary, and multiple       

       Mary heresies.

There are so many heresies about Mary to prove this, but I will give here just 10 which should suffice:

1) Mary gives grace to believers for salvation. Saving grace comes from God alone.

2) Mary is a mediator between God and man. The bible says "there is one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus".

3) They Pray to Mary (an act of worship).

4) They say Mary can hear millions of prayers and answer them, something only God can do, giving her superhuman powers, 

5) The Dormition - that is Mary Floated up to heaven after she died, 

6) Mother of God - an inappropriate title that is not germane. Theotokos means "God bearer" and to be fair does not mean the identical same thing as the RC heresy of calling her "Mother of God", but some, especially  ecumenical Orthodox believers, do call her the mother of God,

7) They make icons of Mary, which become objects of idolatry., and they pray toward icons of Mary.

8) Mary never had "original sin", and was sinless. -  another superhuman attribute.

9) The perpetual virginity of Mary. Jesus had brothers and sisters.

10) That Mary is the Queen of Heaven. They sometimes say she was Crowned "Queen of Heaven" in Revelation 12. (an heretical interpretation). This is sometimes called "Mary Regina".

TOP 20.

21) The Divine Liturgy - the chanting of a mixture of truth and heresy. 

22) Born Again wrongly defined:  

23) That Orthodoxy is even a church . 

24) The Orthodox Church is Infallible. 

25) That salvation is found only in Orthodoxy

26) The Orthodox Church is nothing like the original church.

27) The Titular Head - the Orthodox Pope.

28) They believe in killing in wars.


29) A neutral stance on capital punishment - how can you be the one and only church and not have a doctrine on capital punishment, whether it is a sin, and who can be killed? Laughably they claim that for 2,000 years their collective church never realised what Jesus was saying in John 8:7. The reality is the killed so many people they find it tough doing a u-turn.

​30)  They have a sacreligious attitude toward the Holy Ghost.  

They fearlessly and cynically use the name of the Holy Ghost in man-made rites such as Epiklesis, and involve his holy name in almost every heresy they preach, by the repeated use of the Trinitarian formula coupled with the sign of the cross, and have a blasé attitude about their shocking sacrilege. 


31) They deny Sola Scriptura.

​32) Confessional and forgiveness of sins only in the presence of priests.

33) Penances - handed out by priests. 

34) Epiklesis .

TOP 30:

10 proofs that Eastern Orthodoxy is a Sex Cult.

31) They commit Adultery: by divorce and remarriage by misinterpreting porneia in Matthew 5:32 as including post marital adultery, which even the Roman Catholics know is impossible in the contest.

32) "He causes her to commit adultery". Jesus said if you simply divorce another person (even without remarrying yourself) you quote "causes them to commit adultery". You are provoking them into sin.

33) No marriage vows 

34) Adultery justified under Antinomianist principles (admitting the remarriage is adultery but the priest declaring it allowed thus not a ticket to Hell on his bogus authority) .

35) They falsify Marriage as a sacrament.

36) Only they can marry a couple: - so all children in other marriages are bastards.

37) They believe in committing Polygamy (or bigamy) - adulterous second marriage is either polygyny, polyandry, or both, or can be variously described as bigamy. 

38) Celibacy of the clergy: but not identical to Roman Catholicism, 


39) Banning women from the entire Mount Athos Peninsula: - horrible sexism 

40) Unbiblical annulments (like Catholicism).

41) They do not properly teach to keep your virginity before marriage.

By heretically interpreting "porneia" in Matthew 5:32 as including post marital adultery (and not fornication as the KJV interprets) they are not laying proper emphasis on the fact that Jesus is clearly teaching here to retain your virginity before you marry by muddying the waters on what the teaching partly means to encourage. This theme is repeated in Acts 15:20 by the Holy Spirit as he reveals that in the new and better covenant the teaching of Jesus is that avoiding fornication is far more important than him laying down food laws.

TOP 40 :

(distinctly Orthodox)

41)  Grave desecration & Funeral extortion racket.

42)   Ancestral sin

43)   No mortal sin (works of the flesh):

44)   Filioque issues:

45)   Long haired priests (Gurus not Christians)

46)   Ethereal Toll Houses. (contrast Purgatory)

47)  Exorcism of Babies - it is jaw dropping that anyone baptized into Orthodoxy goes through a plethora of rites amounting to witchcraft ceremonies, including casting Satan out of babies and children as one of the rites in the baptism ceremonies. Exorcism is also part of adult baptism services - to me that is a different issue to exorcism of those said to be "possessed" or heavily under demon attack, who are often physically assaulted by priests and other pseudo clergy, thus it is mentioned later as a separate error or heresy. 

48)   No singing or music, chanting only,

49)  Catechumen- the ridiculous idea that you need to pass an exam to get baptized, and make sure you believe a plethora of junk.

50)  The Miracle of Holy Fire - a false miracle so obviously fake it is on a par with believing in Santa Claus.

​​​TOP 50.

salvation errors:

51) Salvation by Works.

52) Salvation by Priestcraft

53) Jesus earned resurrection (not salvation resurrection). In other words Jesus died to burn people in Hell.

54) Repentance "saves".

A deep point of theology is that repentance does not "save". Jesus saves. Repentance is the quality indicator of belief.

55) They deny Christ died as a substitute sacrifice by warping and distorting the core centre belief.

56) They deny the imputation of the righteousness of Christ to the believer, and the concept of "The Lord our righteousness." 

57) The descent into Hell (superfluous add on).

To keep the so called Catholic Faith and be saved, you must believe their view of the "descent into  Hell."

58) Salvation by sin:  (the "strange fire" error committed by the two sons of Levi (Lev 10:1-2.). Some of the things they say are works aiding in the process of salvation are actually sins. like vain repetition of prayer, doing works before men, and priestcraft acts etc etc etc, Thus..... "sin helps save you!".

59) Orthodox Extreme Unction or "The Last Rites".  - as distinct from holy unction.

60) the meaning of GRACE changed.

Protestant - unmerited favour (Eph 2:6-9 & Romans 11:6)

​​Orthodox - the energies of God, which just happened to be transmitted to mankind through priestcraft like communion, baptism, chrismation, etc. 

​​​TOP 60.

some of the sins shared with Catholics:


61) Heathen Calendars are part of the Faith (worse than Catholics on this):

​62) The multiplying of sacraments and religious rites.


63) A Personal relationship Mary......with skeletons (dead unresurrected "people") spiritism. 

64) They kept the bible from the people for over 1,000 years, even after the Reformation presses started rolling, the Orthodox like the Catholics never gave bibles to the people in order to indoctrinate them instead

65) Idolizing or worshipping of the Creed


66) Statues and idols . my research shows that Orthodoxy like Catholicism did use statues in the early days, but they dropped using them after "The Two Great iconoclasms" clashes in their cult.

67) Shrines (a separate issue proving their connection to eastern religions - thus Eastern Orthodoxy in their name) .

68) That heresy that "heresy" itself is to contradict the Orthodox church and tradition. not the bible and the new and better covenant.

69) Holy Orders   

​70) ​They have and still do actively persecute real Christians.


71) Call no man father .

72) bogus criteria and ceremonies for the so called "consecration" of their clergy.

TOP 70.

churchianity errors :

71) Liturgical (clockwork) worship. (include also the issue of Latin and Greek only).

​72) Calendarization of lifestyle by a plethora of "days".

​73) Uniforms, crowns, mitres .

​74) Ritual ridden.

75) Mega Fasting - not kept secret: So much fasting they are borderline vegan for about half the year! This really does fit in with the commandment not to say "Touch not! Taste not!" . Fast Wednesday and Friday just about all year, so they can disobey Christs commandment to fast in secret.

​76) Extraneous baptismal requirements:  (must believe heresy, and an avalanche of more insignificant doctrines "what doth now prevent me?") eg harrowing of hell and deny filioque .


77) God-parent indoctrinators. The parents are assigned the duty of indoctrinating their children, but so called "godparents" (found nowhere in scripture) are people assigned the same sinful task. This perhaps also serves as a way to fish outsiders into Orthodoxy by using babies and children to inveigle them into learning Orthodox doctrine.

​78) Adult exorcism - where they will even stand on top of people "crushing satan under their feet" like something out the middle ages, or riding on their backs as they are made to crawl.  It seems there is a huge amount of evidence it is very often simply the persecution and assaults on of people with mental illnesses.

​79) False new identity.   when triple baptized into Orthodoxy the person is given a new name, and is given a personal patron saint, so they can calendarize your life on a personal level. A name day is the day on which an Orthodox Christian celebrates the feast of his patron saint.

​80) Holy water power - the Orthodox believe so called holy water has powers to spiritually clean people and places, and cast out demons. They even do it to their own churches before a person is baptized to increase the impression of their bogus priestly powers.

​​​TOP 80.

Prayer heresies x10.

81) Praying for the dead.

​82) The dead can pray for you!

​83) Praying to the dead. (spiritism)

​84) Vain repetitions in prayer. the primary example is the Jesus prayer,

​85) The Cycle of Prayer.

​86) Mary as Co-Mediator, Co-Redemptrix, hears/answers millions.

​87) Prayer Books. automated man made junk.

​88) Hesychasm, the equivalent of Buddhist meditation. interesting also the Buddhist idea of becoming "at one" has similarities to theosis.

​89) The prayer rope - the Orthodox answer to the rosary. 

​90) Toll House prayers -  to help dead souls be delivered from demonic attack, in the 40 decision period as to whether you go to "Abraham's Bosom" or torment part of  "Hades", these prayers are connected to the 8 Day and the 40 Day memorial services.

​91) All saints day - (spiritism) The Eastern Orthodox Church and associated Eastern Catholic Churches and Byzantine Lutheran Churches celebrate it on the first Sunday after Pentecost. .

​92) Communion of Saints.

​93) the Repose of souls of the dead? (Memorial.) 

​94) Men praying with head covered? The bible does not forbid a man reading scripture or preaching with his head covered (useful in very hot countries where you can get heat-stroke in minutes open air witnessing) but it does forbid praying or prophecy with a covered head. It is even worse when this is transgressed wearing a crown.

TOP 90.

various (authority issues).

​91) Relics, artefacts, it is quite incredibly revealing and important to emphasize this - the deception used for centuries to trick uneducated peasants and surfs into believing that the Orthodox museum sized collection of bones, skulls and relics of the apostles, Mary, John the baptist etc PROVE Orthodoxy is the true church (as they were "entrusted with the relics by God") now prove the OPPOSITE - that is that the same absurd collection of bones and artifacts are so obviously fake they prove Orthodoxy is fake too.

92) Swearing oaths - as the anabaptists and Quakers rightly point out.

​93) Ruled over by Pharisees. the heresy is an inability to isolate and recognize the characteristic identifying issues of pharisaical ideas, concepts and practices, and then realise that Orthodoxy is knee deep in such practices. 

​94) The Forgery of History: just one example is for centuries teaching uneducated serfs that the apostles (and others) wrote certain liturgies, and now pretending they never meant to imply that.

​95) Incense thuribles (giddy)

​96) Fake miracles - holy fire is just one, myrrh dripping icons etc. Only a gullible person who passes of credulity for faith would believe in them.

​97) Bogus hierarchy / pyramid system

​98) Orthodox false prophets (as well as teachers) they give prophecies, meaning we are expected to believe that doctrinal numbskulls can be prophets of God.

99) Ecumenicalism (division over this)

​100) Their version of the Talmud = the giant tomes of irrelevant dumb writings by a plethora of pillarists, hermits, bogus saints and the like, whose unimportant writings they exalt to being on a par with holy writ.  

TOP 100.


​111) Christendom: the historical Orthodox concept of Christendom, closely linked with its almost twin heresy "Christian Empire" is one based in tyranny, bloodshed, and imprisonment and no real freedom, They believe the old Empire was a theocracy. 

112) Serfdom: the social / economic sins by a church that "cannot  err" 

​113) Churchianity - (derogatory) Any practices of Christianity that are viewed as placing a larger emphasis on the habits of church life, rites, rituals, and man made traditions, rather than on biblical theology and spiritual teachings and example of Jesus. 

​114) Forced conversion or Crypto-converts: their enforced pseudo "conversion" by threats. what kind of religion threatens people with prison, death or persecution if they do not pretend to convert?

​​​​115) They are spiritual drunkards (Rev 17)

​116)  You cannot sit down in church.

​117) It is an Anachronistic Faith: the sinister use of uniforms in the faith, and crowns and mitres, is based on anachronistic comparisons with the old Roman Empire.


118) Ethnophyletism issues: this is a tricky issue as some churches where this "sin" goes on are in war torn areas where they wish to avoid people like shooters and suicide bombers and thus wish only to fellowship with people of the same ethnicity.

​119) Movable doctrines - "Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them." Proverbs 5:6. Orthodoxy give far less specific answers than Catholic scholars. If it became an embarrassment to them that their doctrine Jesus earned the resurrection for all means he died to burn people in Hell, I guarantee they would change it and say that they were misunderstood.



TOP 110 .


101) Canonization in Orthodoxy is called "Glorification to sainthood" - the form of - but Romans 1 tells us all believers are saints. 

​102) List of Bogus saints - all clearly sinners or heretics: a whole ship full of them.

​103) the list of "Saints Equal to the Apostles" about half of whom were murderous rulers. (eg The Emperor Constantine)

​104) Three hierarchs. - all 3 are phonies.


105: Mortification

106) Female deacons, nuns, abbesses etc, justified partly by their false believe several females they see as saints were "equal to the apostles". and that women were anointed by the Spirit at Pentecost. 

107) Forgiveness of sin - absurdly Orthodoxy argues that as Jesus forgave individual sin before the cross and resurrection. the gospel does not bring forgiveness to mankind (as if it did their junk priestcraft/works gospel falls apart). The fact that the gospel is not necessarily the only way God can forgive sin does not stop the fact that sin was and is washed away by his blood. One must remember the resurrection adds justification (to be made just in God's sight) as well as his crucifixion dealing with sin.


​109) The Renunciation of Errors ceremony - (in Chrismation ceremonies): renounce in public the Reformation and the Protestant / Evangelical gospel as false. Laughably they then later on masquerade as Evangelicals as the simple Evangelical gospel is too powerful to oppose.


110) Denial of "the works of the flesh". The Orthodox are very tricky about this issue. They deny the doctrine of Catholicism of "venial sin and mortal sin" but avoid the more directly biblical issue that certain sins are put in the special classification of "works of the flesh".

​​​TOP 120.


​121) The Judaizing heresy - though they are dead set against being fully Mosaic in our views about Christian law, nevertheless the Orthodox cherry pick Judaism, (don't understand the old law has gone, we do not pick, choose and reinvent bits to keep now, like "holy beards" or golden artifacts in the temple)

​122) New Covenant character denial: the new covenant is characterised by freedom in Christ, they adopt the most draconian concepts of the old Mosaic Covenant (described as done away) in order to bring believers in the new covenant era into religious bondage to clockwork religious concepts like keeping a plethora of feasts. In Christ we have freedom about days (Rom 16) and we have freedom in food (Col 2:21) what is more the imposed fast days and food regulations break another of Christs teachings - to keep your fasting a secret. 


123) They deny the Millennium Kingdom. as far as my studies go so far, the Eastern Orthodox religion are amillennialist in their theology.

124) Candle lighting: - considered sacrifices to Mary and saints. Mentioned in Rev 18 as sins of the Whore of Babylon. More ritualism and churchianity practices instead of an ongoing relationship with God.

125) The liturgical year - the cycle of liturgical seasons, feast days, including celebrations of saints,  to be observed in a display of foolish clockwork religiosity, having portions of Scripture to be read out like robots either in an annual cycle or in a cycle of several years.

126) Canon Law 


127) Cathedrals - God's Cathedral in Acts was to be in nature by a river. Building big church buildings is largely an insult to the poor.

128) Leavened Bread & alcoholic wine in the eucharist. - the evidence of scripture would suggest the wine and bread were both unleavened.

129) Nepsis linked with Catharsis: Parallels could likely be made between nepsis and Jewish devekut. showing yet another Talmudic type root of Orthodox whoredom with religions. Both nepsis and catharsis have elements of truth but were systematized in links with monastic religious pretentions.


130) Forbidding to interpret and have doctrines on the Book of Revelation - a clear attempt to hide from the Orthodox the evidence that Orthodoxy is a daughter of the Mother of Harlots. note... when Orthodoxy itself does interpret Revelation they seem to make one heresy after another - the woman in Rev 12 is Mary instead of Israel, they are amillennial, they claim the presence of incense in heaven means it is a divine directive to intoxicate church goers with clouds of it.

in progress......





81) The heresy of Masquerading as Evangelicals.  .

83) Late date on the Gospels:

84)  The Authority to teach: Holy Spirit versus ordination.

103) 3 days in Hades doctrine - 

14) To be Orthodox you must emphatically deny the church was not driven into hiding for a long time period, ironically by their own violence, as well as that of Catholicism, and the Muslims and heathen powers. 

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for an old list I compiled

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