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As you have decided to try to be one of the ones who evades the death penalty (in the second three and a half year period) it will be a good idea to prepare a hidden base camp, for the future, to flee to when the death penalty (beheading = Rev 20:4) arrives. Or to stash gear that can be carried to make such a base camp.


example - CANADA


Let us imagine you choose to hide out in the very cold Canadian wilderness. This is not an easy place to survive in at all. If you choose a secret location beforehand, therefore, you might be wise to plant apple and pear trees there. blackberry bushes. potatoes and carrots, and lots of other things, so when you arrive there is more than just the natural foods. In the Canadian wilderness you would have to hunt meat and fish, but that food would soon become boring on its own. 


The following diagram shows one idea of how to hide from the 666 mark.



If you have decided to be one of the small number of Christians who will try to hide, after the death penalty for not taking the 666 mark is announced by the antichrist (Rev 13, Rev 20:4), you will need a place to hide with your family, and whoever you decide to go with. Telling people the location of this site (ever) is counterproductive and a contradiction to a laege extent ("they shall betray one another").


"GIVING IN" IS ALLOWED (but remember they may be cruel)


In my opinion when you select a place to hide (I may be wrong about this) it is a good idea to be not too far from a road, to travel by bicycle (?) or perhaps to give yourself up, for instance if you or someone else gets appendicitis. Jesus knew he was about to be killed, but he never ran away. Neither did Peter or Paul, who both knew they were about to be captured and slain. So if you are 100 meters from a road, or perhaps a mile or so, it may be a good idea perhaps? Decide for yourself. A big lake may attract hunters and fishermen. You need to learn to be stealthy to not be seen and betrayed.




The diagram gives one such possible plan. I will explain..... Take the example of a true story about a man in Canada.



If you can find a good spot to camp and hide away you have a real blessing.

1) One idea is to collect old tools, nails, screws, etc and leave it at the location, without building the camp site. Then if you need to stay there you have plenty of tools, but if they are discovered and stolen you never lost much financially.

2) You can also plant bushes and hedges for wind breaks, plant vegetables there, and even fruit trees,


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