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Make sure you are spiritually in good shape (saved). That your soul is secure by faith in Christ, and that you have not backslidden. Build up your family and friends in the Faith. "For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul"? REMEMBER that survival is above all spiritual, never sell out your Faith to survive physically. Surviving the mark of the beast means not taking it EVER. However some of us will be led to try to survive all the way to the Rapture, and these pages are here to help you along.


The bible way to survive seems to lay a lot of emphasis on food and clothing (when I say food naturally water is included). "Having food and clothing therewith be content" seems to indicate people usually feed ok and in with a chance to survive with a good meal and well chosen clothing.


As all the top survival experts show over and over again, the two most important things to them is their knowledge and ability to improvise. These cannot be taken from you like your equipment can be. except by injury or confusion caused by hypothermia etc. Make sure you have good survival knowledge, especially the core center fundamentals. It is for instance of little value taking a flint and steel if you ignore what tinder is, and how to improve the ability of materials to take a spark and ignite.

2) HEALTH AND FITNESS (first aid):

You are physically in good shape. Without first aid gear you can also die pretty quick, even quicker than from the weather sometimes. That is especially true if you have a medical condition. The elderly are also at risk of dying unless their needs and vulnerabilities are kept in mind. One of the reasons Jacob pleased God more than Esau is that Jacob kept in mind the stragglers and weak ones when they travelled in a group and he helped them and understood their needs. Jesus said "the body is more than clothing". Its better to be as physically in good shape as you can, than wear fancy sparkling clothes from a kings palace. The bible however also says "bodily exercise profits a little". Its not as important to focus on as spiritual matters. But if you are in poor health trying to survive, if you are out of shape and unfit, if your teeth are in bad shape and your feet, surviving is so much harder. Try to get this right.


"Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:11-12

5) SIGNALLING (getting lost or stranded from the group):

Besides a medical emergency killing you quickest, someone getting lost or stranded can kill you almost as quickly, if not as quickly. So signalling to each other can be mega important, and that is why it is so important, for instance, to always carry a quality whistle on you, in the wild, Hand in hand with signalling can be the common sense to let other know where approximately you will be if you go missing. Go walking off on some last minute off piste trek can leave you without help if are injured or trapped and far from help.

But remember the 666 mark scenario does not offer the same situation of "being rescued" as normal. The world in the later stages of the 666 Test is actually either actively hunting Christians, or potentially willing to betray them if they see them. Signalling to each other with whistles, walkie talkies, fire, mirrors, etc might be important, as we might rescue each other. 

4) CLOTHES (sleeping bags or blankets)

Clothes are your first defence against dying or injury from the weather. "And having food and raiment let us be therewith content."  This seems to be core centre bible survivalism. People like Jesus, Moses, Elijah and John the Baptist were in a realm of Faith most people struggle to hope for, never mind attain. Nevertheless you too can have the Faith to believe God will provide, we ask for that in the Lord's Prayer after all, and are told to by Jesus. But from 1 Timothy 6:8 we learn having good, right chosen clothes can be great for contentment and survival. Choose the right gear and life is a lot better. That will require usually some study on your part. If there is an upside to not having good survival clothing, it is perhaps if surviving in the city as a rough sleeper you might get more sympathy if people see you do not have good clothing and help you more in phase 1 of avoiding the 666 mark. If you are dressed better than the people passing you by will they help you?  


You can die quicker from exposure to the weather or power of nature quicker than perishing of either thirst or hunger. Whether you have a tarp, a tent, an improvised tarp by using a shower curtain or mylar blanket, or built an improvised shelter from nature, you must remember the weather can change to nasty and life threatening fast. Shelter is therefore often a higher priority even than water or food.

Fire can save you in a similar way to a shelter. But that does not mean necessarily if you are stranded in the woods the first thing you must always do is build a shelter and light a fire. You must learn how to evaluate a situation. But fire can provide warmth, light, protection from wild animals (usually even big animals like a bear avoid a fire) the ability to boil and purify water, cook food, and keep your spirits up. It can even be entertaining to watch a fire, and people say its almost like a companion. It is also used for signalling.

Equipment can include:

1) Tarps and tents.

2) Lighters, matches, flint and steel. 


Having clean drinkable water is even more important than food, as you perish quicker without it. Having in your gear things that help you collect or purify water is therefore a top rate idea. These might include:

a) A water filter, like a Sawyer Water Filter.

b) Bear Grylls suggests carrying a piece of tubing, and maybe a straw of some kind (metal?), to get at water in difficult places. He uses his boot laces to get water that is  running down a rock face to gather water, a piece of long wick is even better.

c) Water containers are a must, not just canteens etc, but plastic bag types.

7) FOOD:

"And having food and raiment let us be therewith content." 1 Timothy 6:8. Back to that scripture, its a sound start to happiness and survival to be clothed and have something to eat. It is good for your health, morale, and gives you energy to have plenty of food. this can include

1) Stored food.

2) Hunting, fishing and trapping gear (and skills). 

3) Gatherer - collecting berries, fungi, edible plants, fruits, seeds, nuts, grains etc, is harder if you do not find out what is edible. Make a mistake with fungi and mushrooms can be a catastrophe. More people die every year from eating the wrong snails than bear attack according to Ed Stafford.