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For a full explanation of why I believe Calvinism is a false gospel, and a very divisive heresy see my facebook wall against Paul Washer.



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The Calvinists are a shame and an embarrassment to the entire Evangelical Faith. The heresy of Calvinism is like a religious computer virus. They cause division, spread poisonous heresy, and waste billions of hours of preachers time by forcing them to defend new Christians from Calvin's biased false gospel, instead of preaching the good news to others.  Catholics and Orthodox priests alike make no hesitation to cynically use the pure, blind, idiocy of Calvinism to malign The Faith once delivered to the saints, helping them to tighten their grip on souls lost in sacrament salvation churches like Romanism and Eastern Orthodoxy. And it is all because of pure human pride. 99% of Calvinists are simply too egotistical to admit they made a doctrinal mistake. They will preach their Muslim style fatalism until their very last breath, doing untold damage to millions of soul.  




Evangelical christians across the world all preach a new and better covenant, where by believing the gospel, we are then born again (spiritual rebirth by the Holy Spirit) and so believers cry "Abba! Father!" to God, and this born again experience is part of what makes the new covenant based on quote "new and better promises that make the first old" !!! 


(Anyone denying the new covenant is not in it!)


1) THE OBVIOUS REASON is that they deny we believe first, they say the new birth is enforced on a small percentage of people (ignoring Romans 8:29 that says foreknowledge of belief is the reason to elect people).


2) THE LESS OBVIOUS REASON is they deny that being "born again" also called regenerated is NEW, and the Mosaic Covenant also had it, and all other covenants or CALVIN IS WRONG!!! This is because he said the only way to believe or repent is to be born again first! So Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David and Solomon etc must all have been born again or Calvin was wrong! 


The Statue of Liberty is holding up a torch in the sky! You are FREE to believe in Jesus today! Just like the bible teaches us! anyone who changes the word BELIEVE is attacking the Gospel of Jesus! Repent and believe the good news today and be SAVED!!!




John Calvin was not his name. It was Jean Calvin. The Calvinists CHANGED his name to make him sound more universally acceptable, and less French, in a similar way that they CHANGE the true meaning of bible verses to fit their insulting false profile of a loving God who makes people to burn them.




The Calvinist heresy has divided the entire Protestant / Evangelical Christian church. Not only does it cause division, it attacks the Gospel by which we are saved with a dangerously simple sophism, that is: "If we believe in Jesus, or accept him, or repent. of our own free will, that is a "work", and therefore supposedly another gospel, and salvation by works of the law."


They believe God imposes belief and repentance on a person, and forces the person into salvation. This is a desperate ploy to give credibility to the blasphemous character of blaming God for the sins men commit, and shows the people believing the heresy will stoop to almost any lengths to justify their mistake, even going as far as preaching another gospel: a clockwork gospel, where no choice is involved. To them a person is born destined to go to Hell, with no means, hope nor opportunity ever to be saved, and those who are saved had no say in the matter, God kicked in the door, switched on a few dials in their brain, forced repentance on them, and then equally forces upon them certain salvation (eternal security).


One of the main ways Calvinists trick people is to imply, or outright state, only they believe in the concepts of predestination and election. However this is a clear lie, as those who believe in Free Will also believe in both election and Predestination, it is just that the definitions of these words are different and based on a broader understanding of the scriptures. A Calvinist may reply that their view is more narrow "because narrow is the way" but there is a difference between "the narrow way" and myopic "tunnel vision".


To those who love to see souls saved, Calvinism is a shame to the Faith for other reasons also. It is so obvious man has free will, that Roman Catholics feel sure of the fact, and their priests give them the impression the whole of Protestant or Evangelical Christians believe the nonsense of Calvinism, leaving Roman Catholics reluctant to be saved. Its the same with those who preach lax divorce laws - this also cements Catholics into damnation, as they prefer to stay with the stricter Catholic idea about marriage for life, and again their priests invent lies like "Ann Bolyn had 6 digits on each hand and foot" (implying 666) to help to convince them not to convert.


The calvinist heresy has been made into a clever acronymn


T =

U =

L =

I =

P =


I have sometimes thought God might let some of the less evil Calvinists into heaven but will make them into dwarfs. Calvinists seem to have an inability to understand the meaning of good and evil. 


"Woe unto him that saith unto his father, ‘What begettest thou?’ or to the woman, ‘What hast thou brought forth?’" Isaiah 45:10


1) The God of Calvinism is a finite not an infinite being. This is because they argue that as God is omniscient (all knowing) he cannot create a free will being, as to a Calvinist foreknowing the future choices of a free will being makes the choices set in stone, not acts of free will (a Calvinist absurdity), and so God is no longer omnipotent (all powerful) as if he tries to create a free will being he cannot, as his omniscience gets in the way of him being omnipotent.


2) The church is the bride of Christ. Forcing a bride to marry you, not asking, is not something God would do. 












































that in hospitals across the world full of newborn babies, the vast majority of those babies were born without any means, hope, or opportunity of EVER being saved. When they are two year old toddlers carrying dolls and Teddy Bears around the house they are similar, irreversibly doomed to a lost eternity. When they grow up they will die “then” go to Hell. Calvinism reduces God, who says he would not have any to perish, into a God similar to the false god Moloch, to whom babies were sacrificed alive in a fire. Calvinism is utter and complete bunk.

THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION - I believe in Free Will, not Calvinism

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