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The Greatist Survivalists whoever lived.

The greatest survivalist whoever lived.

With most of the population of planet earth hunting you down, drones and satellite technology all used to hunt Christians down, who obey God and will not take the mark of the antichrist, Christians will have to be the greatest of all survivalists ever. Even Moses in the wilderness with Israel never faced such odds. But there is a case for Elijah and John the Baptist being the greatest, who had the kind of faith to be fed by ravens. Jesus said he had nowhere to lay his head, and no money. But with modern technology being used to track and trace Christians I think it will be the greatest survival story ever - with the happiest ending ever: as the Christians who die martyrs or make it to the Rapture alive will reign on the Earth 1,000 years with Christ, and their task will be to bring up in the Faith the multi-millions of children left on the Earth. 


photo - constructing underground shelters may be with way to go?

A rare view of Millennium?

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