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Breaking fellowship just because someone makes the mistake of saying there is an early Rapture, rather than the true late Rapture, is not appropriate, especially with new believers, unless some of the worse extremes are added to the doctrine.


However believing the error that the Rapture of believers happens before the tribulation period in the Book Of Revelation can lead to deadly traps which need to be avoided. This is because accepting the mark of the beast is one of the most terrible sins imaginable, with a quite staggeringly serious consequences (Rev 14:9-12)


  • 1)One such trap is thinking that when the mark of the beast arrives it cannot be the predicted mark, because believers “are” supposedly raptured before that happens, so this must be some other mark and so is “safe” to allow.  Obviously receiving the mark in this way would be a catastrophic blunder.


2) But if people go further than just saying ”the Rapture is early” and start adding some of the  heretical and frankly absurd errors that are added to this theory of an early Rapture breaking fellowship may well be appropriate with such people. Some of these VERY heretical statements are:

  • a)After the early Rapture (before the mark of the beast) the Holy Spirit is taken away and so the gospel of salvation (Luke 24:44-48 & 1 Cor 15: 1-4) is no longer able to be believed. A grave error. 

  • b)People will be “kept safe” (not saved) to dwell in the Millennium Kingdom who believe the so called “new (replacement) gospel” of Revelation 14:6-7 AND who do not break Revelation 14:9-11. This is a mega serious false doctrine as the gospel Jesus preached is eternal (Hebrews 13:20) and must be believed now, later, and even throughout the Millennium Kingdom, for salvation. 

  • c)The early Rapture theory also has two resurrections of people who dwell in the Millennium.

  • d)The early Rapture theory also has various absurd statements which vary as there are several ways of twisting and turning to try to avoid its contradictory theology, that lacks spiritual common sense.




When Israel were slaves in Egypt, the Egyptians murdered their children (to prevent an entirely hypothetical possible alliance between their enemies and the Israelites). That is very cruel, especially as they worked them 7 days a week without rest (Deut 5:15). GOD then later killed the firstborn of the Egyptians.


It seems very likely when Christians face the mark of the beast ( and defeat it! by loving not their lives unto the death Rev 12) that their children will be taken off them by those trying to impose the 666 mark (only a theory I have). Later God will Rapture THEIR children in the LATE Rapture, and Jesus will rule over them, instead of those who take the 666 mark.






I will discuss the Rapture in detail here.

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