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Eternal Hell is a literal lake of fire, sulphur and smoke, where unrepentant sinners will go forever in a physical body, capable of feeling physical pain. The bible says some, perhaps all, of the people (and the fallen angels) who go to Hell have worms in their bodies.





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Because we are living in the time of the Apostasy, when Christians are very often neitherhot nor cold, but lukewarm instead, there is a tendancy to try to water down, or subtly find ways to ignore or sideline, the subject of the lake of everlasting fire, commonly called Hell.


The reason it is ignored or sidelined is that when you start trying to go into detail about about alternative explanations of everlasting Hell, other than that of the classic ancient explanation from the bible, based on its literal interpretation, they all sound absurd. Let s try a few, and go into detail, as see how they all go into absurdity and heretical meltdown:


*) Hell is a massive dark, cavern where everyone who is lost are together. It is completely quiet in there because no one can talk. But everyone in there, including Satan and his demons, and the most evil men in history, along with everyone else who is damned, are all torented by the thought that they are not in the presence of God, neither enjoying the kingdom of God with the saved.


Perhaps you want to modify this, by adding bodies, so they can all start hitting each other in what amounts to a dark room.  If they are still evil, why would they not hit each other? Or perhaps you want them to talk and shout, so that Satan and the rest can swear and blaspheme? If they cannot talk, or scream out or cry, wy would these people and demons with evil natures not blasphem and curse and swear in their minds? Does it helpyou if your vision of Hell, outside of that of scripture, has them perhaps sitting down?


Such perambulations show the built in absurdity of ignoring the biblical and accurate description of Hell. Annihilationism is no better, or the "eternal sleep" theory either, as the effect on the human race of telling them that, no matter how evil they are, no matter what they do, even dropping atom bombs on people, everyone on Earth, along with the devil and his hoards, will all suffer the same fate, a big sleep from which they never awake, or annihilation. Firstly where is the so called justice of that? That Adlf Hitler and the devil himself will have the same fate and day of judgement as the little old lady around the corner? And secondly, what kind of diabolically conscienceless thing to do it is, to encourage people who sin to carry on, without holding them back with the thought of the eternal retribution God has promised. It is encouraging them to do evil to ignore what God says Hell is.








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