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Jehovah's Witnesses

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in John 1:1 it clearly says Jesus is God. So they changed it to "a god". Then after this "get around" they then say "well..... Jesus is not a god at all". Then they say he is an angel. So let me ask you - IS JESUS AN ANGEL OR NOT? answer this.

In Isaiah chapters 43 and 45 it says ONLY GOD IS SAVIOUR of the soul. Their weird gospel is

1) Jesus is an angel who created the universe

2) The angel was DESTROYED or somehow CHANGED from a spirit to flesh (you doctrine is a man has no spirit)

3) A man saved us from sin.

4) He died BUT we dont know where his body is

5) He is DEAD FOREVER (contradicting Acts - where it says Davids body is there by Jesus was raised)

6) He was RECREATED as an angel (so no resurrection a RECREATION)

This is the reason they baptize in NO NAME. If people like you were baptized in a NAME as the bible teaches, it is either in Jesus name, or Father Son and Holy Spirit ONE NAME. So many JWs left making the decision. So...... they invented baptism in NO NAME. totally unbiblical

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