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Intro - Surviving the 666 System 



All the top survivalists have flunked. Many claim to be Christians, like Bear Grylls, Dave Canterbury, Alex Jones etc, but they only teach things like survival in a jungle, a forest, a desert, adrift at sea, on the tundra, in a swamp etc they do not teach how to survive all the way to the Rapture, when you are being hunted by the 666 police force, or betrayed by almost every person on the planet, hunted by drones, and hunted through technology like satellite technology, as well as having to find a place to hide in difficult terrain, where you may end up dead in less than a month just from bad water, insect bites and the weather. I have therefore decide I will teach the subject, even though I have extensively studied the problems facing us from home, but have little outdoors experience.


Some of the problems we face.

1) Precursors of the mark of the beast are more frightening to me than the mark of the beast itself

2) The use of vaccines to "sanitize" the idea of a trading mark, the underpinning use of which will be total population control.

3) Slow, methodical encroachment, creeping forward into our lives. A gradual escalation of captivity, first by draconian measures like wearing masks and lockdowns, morphing then into a police state, then into a national dictatorship, then into a global dictatorship.


4) Impeding our escape into the wilderness.

5) The difficulty of not only surviving outside of society in some wilderness area (hard enough on its own) but added to this being hunted by the 666 System, the population of almost the whole planet, drones (possibly armed drones) and satellite technology.

6) The attempted spiritual genocide of all Christians not giving in to the 666 tyranny, under the pretext of anyone not yet vaccinated as being a "bioterror weapon" as they are potential disease carriers.  


Jesus said "Flee to the mountains" specifically when Jerusalem is attacked. 

1) The bible predicts that what the antichrist powers that will take over our society want is your house, your land, your car, your possessions, your money, and your life. You will be murdered if you do not comply and take the 666 mark. 

2) Holy Ghost timing: is totally and completely critical. You must leave society at just the right time, not too early, not too late. Go out too early and things like insurance, sick benefit, and your job are at stake. Go out too late and you will be captured before you even get out there!

Either that or you will go on the run, realising you timed it too late, and will not have released your wealth into things you can use in the wilderness. They will come along and possess your house and everything you own with you having less to survive with - but God provides. Jesus said that in the Lord's Prayer.

This is an exceptionally difficult thing to talk about as poor people who go out into the wilderness can shatter their livelihood getting the timing wrong. Please be very careful over this. Also if you do not understand how to survive in a wilderness you will likely die very quickly, and perhaps a worse death than any threatened by the 666 System.

3) Camouflage, prepping, planning and survival skills are more important than guns. Sure guns can be used as protection from wild animals, and for getting food, I am not against guns, but I am against killing people. Do not do that. 

4) The reality is it takes a special person, rich in faith, or an exceptional planner and organiser, to live for 3 and 1/2 years in the wilderness without detection. I doubt I will make it, but I would rather be a martyr later on, after trying to make it through to the Rapture, than die quickly. That is my personal choice.


Jesus has warned you there are two bad plans you must not follow when escaping from the 666 System.

1) Bad Plan A - "He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity"

The gutless preachers who tell people the mark described in the bible is not a physical trading mark, so it is ok - you can take it! Cowards who refuse to acknowledge the signs of the times and are too gutless to die for Jesus.


2) Bad Plan B - "he who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword."

Dying in the process of trying to slaughter and kill others is not martyrdom. You may be ashamed of the pacifist teachings of Jesus, but I am not. Having a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid shootout with the 666 police is exactly the way Jesus told you not to die. How can you give your testimony, helped by the Holy Spirit (Mark 13:11), if you are dead already in a shootout?

Of both issues Jesus then tells us - "Here is the patience and the faith of the saints." In other words taking the 666 mark, or gunning people down to avoid it, are both such bad plans they are against the fundamental teachings of the laws of the new and better covenant that makes the first old. 


The USA was founded as the modern nation we see to day by pacifist Christians, who did not believe in mixing the Faith with politics, who were persecuted in Britain and Europe and had to make the perilous journey to America just to stay alive, ironically persecuted by people like the Catholics, the Orthodox, and yes violent Protestants. People should remember this.


Alex Jones is a teacher of "Bad plan B", that is the sword, the gun, killing, that is killing other people who threaten you or in self defence, and sadly to a lesser extent so is Pat Robertson of In my opinion Alex Jones and Pat Robertson have both done a tremendous amount of good in the world. They both have TV Channels and have edified, strengthened, uplifted, educated, warned people, and preached the gospel to a lot of people. For this reason it is difficult for me to criticize them, and yet in another sense easy. Difficult because when people do a lot of good it hurts us to criticize them. Easy as when Jesus corrected the churches in Revelation 1, 2, and 3 he said positive things about the churches first before he encouraged them to repent of their sins and wrong turns.  

A Peace and Love Revolution::

If you are willing to kill other people, in order to survive in the wilderness, it is not very good "public relations" (PR). Perhaps thousands of us, even more, will survive because members of the public still have enough humanity in them to turn a blind eye to Christian families, who are only trying to obey God by not being marked and hiding. Billions of people will be hunting us down, If violent backslidden Christians start gunning people down to escape, it will stigmatize non violent Christians. People will be more likely to hand us over to death, not less likely. A "Peace and Love revolution in Jesus" needs to occur among Christians. We need to get back to the same level of loving spirituality that was in the Ichthus Christian community, who hid from persecution. Love your enemies is the reality of the teachings of Jesus.




The rejection of the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount. How tired am I of hearing people say to me:


"You know what Do not swear an oath means brother? It means swear an oath."

"You know what love your enemies means brother? It means kill them."

"You know what Whoever divorces and marries again commits adultery means brother? It means - here is a list of 15 reasons why you can divorce and remarry."


Jesus said we get the chance of a final testimony.


It is almost as bad to say "You cannot kill others" if you can kill others, as it is to believe in killing in wars, capital punishment, and killing in self defence if Jesus taught us never to kill. If Jesus taught killing I am in effect preaching heresy if I say he taught Peace and Love not war. I would be stopping heroes from rescuing innocent people from violence. I am not running away from the seriousness of the subject of "what is heresy"? 

A second heresy is often added to the heresy of killing. A form of the Antinomianist heresy where people magnanimously say "Well we are all saved. Soldiers, bomber crews, tank crews, napalm droppers, flamethrower users, and pacifists, as long as we all believe in Jesus."

This heresy is described in Romans 3:8 and is prophesied as a problem at the end of the age in the Epistle of Jude. Sinful people who believe in war do this as if they say to pacifists "You will go to hell for being a coward!" or something like that, the Holy Spirit immediately gives them a testimony in their heart their statement if false. So instead they try to say everyone is saved. Let me make it plain - Killing other people in a war, abortion clinics, capital punishment and yes...... even in self defence is a sin, a work of the flesh, and something you can expect to go to Hell for if you do not repent.


Do as Jesus says! Recognize clearly that Jesus warns you in Revelation 13:9-11 that there are two plans that are evil and unacceptable - talking the mark, and killing to avoid it.

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