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RT-PCR Test faults - LINKS



They have reasons to use the test half a dozen times or more on one patient, even though the tests are very expensive.

Issues with the RT-PCR Coronavirus Test :

David Crowe
April 23, 2020
Version 3.


1) Quote: "Professor Stephen Bustin stated that cycling more than 35 times was unwise, but it appears that nobody is limiting cycles to 35 or less (the MIQE guidelines recommend less than 40). Cycling too much could result in false positives as background fluorescence builds up in the PCR reaction." 

important! . they dont mind how corrupted it is to try to get a positive.

2) Quote: "If there are only parts of viruses present, or defective virus particles, that are not infectious, they would still produce positive tests. The tests do not prove that pathogenic, replicable virus is present."

simply amazing! The test is bunk! .


2) That there is quote "background fluorescence" in the first place is of concern if you ask me.



Are coronavirus tests flawed?

By James GallagherHealth and science correspondent


1) based on flawed science : a poor match between the primer and the virus in the patient, then an infected patient could get a negative result.

2) Entirely fake - Hubei province, China, have started counting people with symptoms rather than using the tests for final confirmation. (cheaper)

3)  Dr Nancy Messonnier, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says some of its tests are producing "inconclusive" results.

4) One possible explanation is the tests are accurate and the patients do not have coronavirus at the time of testing.

5) Another option is the patients do have the coronavirus but it is at such an early stage, there is not enough to detect.

6) There are throat swabs and then there are throat swabs. (bad collector)

7) And if the samples are not correctly stored and handled, the test may not work.

8) Wrong place? 

There has also been some discussion about whether doctors testing the back of the throat are looking in the wrong place.

This is a deep lung infection rather one in the nose and throat.

9) Nothing about how exactly this tests shows VIRAL LOAD.


Doctors are now making the excuse that Covid-19 is "a chameleon" and imitates cold or flu but is really Covid-19.


Ok so why does this not work the other way around? Do a RT-PCR Test for a fragment of cold or flu RNA, on all people with symptoms of respiratory disease, and if they test positive (with no proof of viral load) then they are dying of cold or flu not Covid-19? Its warped in favour of Covid-19.

oh.... and remember, do not do one test for cold or flu, but 6-10 tests.

Seems like doing 6-10 tests is an agenda. One agenda is to spend a lot of money on these very expensive tests. Another agenda is to repeat and repeat and repeat tests till you finally get any old result, without viral load, so you can write the death off as Covid-19 when it is probably that antbiotics are failing so we get more respiratory illness deaths.

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