How to hide from drones!

How to hide from drones!

If you do not know this already - drones change everything! In World War 2 the Polish Jews hid from the Germany successfully in the forest of Belarus

see: The Bielski partisans

see also an episode of Ray Mears - Extreme Survival s3e1 - Belarus:

note: when I tried to link to the episode of "Ray Mears - Extreme Survival - Belarus" from this website the video vanished from Youtube. Coincidence? Perhaps.

I am not advocating using the tactics of the The Bielski Partisans, indeed you will be aware that I am pacifist, and the raids on farms, and attacks on Germans to get weapons, are things I believe are not part of the Christian Faith. What I am pointing out though is that they managed to hide away in a huge community in a forest, when both the German army was hunting them, and when they were in peril of being betrayed by at least some percentage of the population. But let me ask this question....

Could they have managed this hunted by drones from the air? Or even satellite gathered imagery and intelligence?


photo insert - The Bielski Partisans - who hid in the huge Forest of Belarus .

How drones detect you.

The primary way drones hunt you is first by vision. This will depend largely on the ability to see things by the person observing the video taken by the drone. Secondly they detect people by their heat profile or footprint by the use of thermal imagery. Other detection devices like sound may be used for all I know. I am not expert on drones.


How to avoid detection by a drone

Fortunately for us, technology can be used to fight against technology, when the time finally arrives when Christians are quote "hated by all men for the Son of Man's sake" (refusing the 666 mark). Of course prayer will be our biggest hope.


Technique 1: The mylar blanket does not only keep us warm as an emergency resource, it can also be used to blank out a heat profile. It is possible two layers of this may be necessary. A camo tarp on top (with added natural vegetation added perhaps) and two mylar blankets underneath may hide your heat and vision profiles, especially is several tarps are used in this way, so any heat begins to dissipate as it gets near to the edges of the tarp/mylar edges.

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 20.45.17.png

In my research I found that the Evaq8 Thermal Survival Bag was made of particularly thick mylar, and the bag could be split down the side to use as a tarp, or jumped inside of to hide your heat profile. This is just a suggestion. I am not saying it is optimum.  Link:

Of course you would have to hide the silver on the outside of the bag from a drone, by some camo or other colouring. Such a set up might be called "A Drone Bag". You might even go so far as to hide the rectangular nature of a bag in some way.

Shooting down drones:

If you shoot down a drone it might just give away your location in itself. Buckshot might be the best way close up, as it spreads out, and drones can change direction quickly. But if they are using it to help kill you and your family, I would say shooting down a drone might be morally far more acceptable than most people think. That is the scenario we are talking about here - the context is that these drones in the future will be used to hunt you and your family to kill you, by the use of the demonic ploy of calling anyone who will not receive the slime injections of Bill Gates "Walking bio weapons".

There are tarps on the market that are green or camo on the sky facing side, and silvered underneath. I suspect they would not be as good at reflecting away your body heat from the tarp as an actual mylar type blanket. 

A large packing case covered in silver paper might do the same job at keeping heat hidden. but its too flimsy to protect against forest fire.  for that you would need to do a specialist job, and also remember that all the oxygen around you can get burnt up by forest fires, so..... it would have to be very skilfully done, perhaps under earth, to protect from fire. The lower you are the further from heat. Mylar would just melt or burn at some stage, but baking foil might do a lot better.

It is possible that the protective pods used by firefighters could also be used to help hide from drones.