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note: these are links described as "interesting" I do not necessarily agree with every statement on the links. I believe certain "defenders" of the KJV go too far, as they say the KJV is as pure and as much inspired as the original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that were first written by Moses and the disciples of Jesus. I disagree with them over that. Only the original Greek and Hebrew are "inspired" and the word for word perfect Word of God is somewhere found in the many manuscripts. The right manuscripts need to be identified by Faith. The KJV is simply the best version (I repreat version) of the correct type of manuscripts. Indeed I would go as far as to say it is racist to say the English were given a perfect version, and no other nation. I am open to seeing a future translation of the Textus Receptus type manuscripts, that is written in more modern English, but the "New King James Version" is corrupt, and does not fulfil such a hope.


Original KJV with archaic spelling:


Changes in the King James Version:


Cambridge and Oxford KJV


(subject) What is a pure KJV?