I am an expert on this subject, and I can tell you this video by Don Blackwell is one of the most evil videos I have ever seen, almost as bad as the Hebrew Roots heretic Matthew Nolan. It also means the "World Video Bible School" is heretical. Don Blackwell has not understood the first principles of this subject. He interprets porneia (in Matthew 19:9 and Matthew 5:32) as including the post marital sins of quote "adultery / bestiality / homosexuality" but then with mind boggling cunningness he then says these post marital sins come under the word used in the KJV "fornication" which is an act committed BEFORE marriage (that is premarital sin), confusing the audience with an oxymoronic false comparison. This makes Don Blackwell a preacher of ADULTERY, and one of the craftiest I have seen. He preaches adulterous remarriage in this video for both Christians and non Christians by saying adultery is a cause for the "innocent party" to remarry. He tricks you in several ways:


1) Says post marital adultery, bestiality and acts of homosexuality are what Jesus meant by porneia in Matt 19:9, and then tries to stop being refuted by oxymoronically saying the KJV word "fornication" (pre-marital sin) is the correct interpretation, thus redefining the meaning of the word in its context.


2) A classic refutation of his LAX TEACHING is to point out that Jesus says the guilty party is committing ADULTERY. The only way to be committing adultery is if you are still married in the eyes of God. This refutes Don Blackwell's teaching, as it proves the "innocent party" cannot possibly remarry either. He then tries to cover this up by absurdly saying the innocent party can remarry, but the guilty party must stay celibate, as they will be committing adultery if they remarry. Another clear oxymoronic statement.


3) Another classic refutation of his laxity is to say "the easy way out of an adulterous marriage is therefore to simply commit adultery and both would be free to remarry" a very good refutation of Don Blackwell's heresy. He then tries to bury this under the carpet by saying the innocent can remarry but the guilty cannot. This means that the so called "innocent part" who remarries is committing bigamy or polygamy, as for the guilty part to be doing what Jesus said if they remarreied "committing adulltery" the person must be still married in God's eyes to the first spouse, as the ONLY way it can be adultery is if God sees them as still beiing married.


4) He presumably believes the correct interpretation of the Matthean Clause is heretical, that is that the word porneia (in context) means a premarital sin, such as a woman claiming to be a virgin, but on the marriage bed the new husband can see from her anatomy she already has had a baby. BUT he fails to even mention this belief, as he doesn't want you to hear it exists as it will refute his heresy.


5) He then finishes his demonic deception by saying people will say his EXTREMELY LAX TEACHING is in fact a strict one, and fits the profile of "His disciples say unto him, If the case of the man be so with his wife, it is not good to marry." when in fact Don Blackwell's doctrine is incredibly LAX not strict.


6) Don Blackwell does not say if the innocent party MUST divorce an adulterous spouse, or if he believes the guilty party can carry on having sex with her, then strategically dump her when he meets someone else he likes who is a Christian. This is another refutation of his lax teachings, giving the so called "innocent party" what is effectively a "get out of marriage free card" that can be traded-in as and when he pleases. And of course this concept is mentioned nowhere in the new testament because the new testament does not teach Don Blackwell's adulterous ideas.


THE TRUTH The truth is that when Jesus said "except it be for fornication" it is IMPOSSIBLE for this to mean post marital adultery, it means a premarital sin like a woman having fornicated (by claiming to be still a maiden), and certainly if this is discovered on the marriage bed before consummation a man could divorce her and remarry, having been deceived into marrying her. For this video Don Blackwell will go to Hell if he does not repent, and in reaction, if he follows the modern trends of our backslidden age, he will deny that too by preaching the Antinomianist false gospel means he is just "saved" so can preach any heresy, even this bad, and still expect to walk into paradise justified. And having made this video he is now extremely unlikely to repent and get it right purely out of human pride.